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    Ok so ive watched this go round. There are some things i dont understand. 1: the problem was fixed the next day was it not? 2:You didnt purchase the sub from them and the way i understand it the majority of store not just audio stores wont do a warrenty exchange on a product they didnt sell (with the exception of wal mart they take anything back) 3: you still cant say without a doubt that the sub is damaged 4: Dont you think that all audio shops do at some point in time have an issue with an install? 5: the internet is a good place for information in moderation you have to realize that not everyone on here is a master installer. in closing ill give you some info about myself . I compete regularly on the dbdrag circut all over the us. i did do my own install but it also took me over 8 years to have the ability to do what i do with confidence . To me it sounds like you honestly dont know what you are doing and you are looking to the shop that did the install as a cop out and as for roe that entire sight is full of people that couldnt wire a 6x9 let alone a full custom install the amp you have is under powering that particular sub it is rated at 2000 watts correct? It would sound better and be louder with more power. and you also bought an 18 inch sub those arnt exactly known for sq the burnt smell will go away its called burning in the sub it is a common problem with most high performance high power subs and from what ive read it seems as though your sub is fine the scratching is distortion if you push the center of the sub in straight does it make a noise? you just need to learn what you are talking about in this relm you need to get over yourself what i know about that particular shop (from word of mouth) is that they are good and do some outstanding workand instead of taking to the net to air your consirns why didnt you just work it out with the shop? I guess being a keyboard comando is a lot more fun for people like you . im sure that you are a great installer in your own mind and someday you may be (when hell freezes over) oh btw if 4 ax2000's on 16 17 volt batteries wont take a re audio mt 18 to full excersion why would your 1500 watt amp? and yea i am venting you are the reason that shops close . and still the questions that go unanswered like the alt and why not source of secondary power ie additional battery cap ect ect ect . in my own opinion (which i am able to have) the install was fixed yet you still complain and 140 isnt that loud. stop all the crying and *****ing it isnt going to get anything fixed man up and act like an adult . THIS WILL BE MY ONE AND ONLLY POST ON THIS TOPIC SO WHEN YOU COME BACK WITH YOUR CHILDISH REMARK I WILL NOT RESPOND YOU ARNT IMPORTANT IN CLOSING BE A MAN NOT A BOY SPLFREAK07 CATCH ME IF YOU CAN credentials upon request