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  1. JLJunkieMX107

    JLJunkie's Retarded Budget Build

    Update on the theft situation...... my neighbor's garage got hit the same night that I did. He and his family were on spring break so nobody was home. He owns a carpentry business and his garage was STACKED with expensive woodworking tools. All in all, the thieves made out with around $10K in tools. The cops are taking that very seriously because of the dollar value in stolen gear. And here is where it gets interesting.... I get a text from my neighbor today that 2 guys just tried to steal stuff from his garage while he was in it. Around noon, in brood daylight, an F250 backed up to my neighbor's garage and 2 guys started trying to force the door open, not knowing someone was inside. When my neighbor started shouting, they jumped in the truck and took off. He ended up chasing them down the road on his 4wheeler and got the plate number. The sheriff made contact with the 2 guys and they are currently in custody. Just waiting to hear if they found the stolen goods, hopefully they didn't have enough time to unload everything over the weekend. But seriously, who TF goes back to steal MORE stuff in broad daylight? Also, I found out today that I have ball cancer so that kind of sucks. All audio projects are on hold until I get this nonsense cleared up because cancer treatment ain't cheap.
  2. JLJunkieMX107

    No sound from subs?

    This can't be real...... Besides wiring the subs to the power/ground.....are those two 30A fuses and a 2A in the amp?? How long are those drywall screws that you used to secure the external fuse into the factory fuse box? I'm really hoping you didn't use anything over an inch.... If this is a real post, please stop what you are doing. Disconnect your amp to prevent further damage to your vehicle and system. Please, for the love of god, take this to a reputable shop to have it professionally installed. EDIT: I just realized it's supposed to have two 30's and 1 2A. I am guessing the 2A is for the illumination since this is the "illuminite" series of Dual amps? I thought that was the high level ouput next to the fuses but apparently that is for running running the external lights.....high level is on the opposite end. Well, I take back my ill thoughts towards the OP because I thought he used different sized fuses because he didn't know any better lol.
  3. JLJunkieMX107

    Old school-Need sub Specs Orion XTR

    edited: not confident in my recommendation so I removed it. I can't find anything for the 90's model on the Orion site I found specs for the year 2000 xtr line but I am not sure if it's the same for the model you have. I'll keep digging and re-post if I find it.
  4. The firewall is literally the "wall" of metal between your engine and cabin compartments. From inside the car, it's going to be up underneath the dash. Are you saying that you have found a hole from the engine compartment into the cabin, but you can't find where it comes out inside the car? You may have to get uncomfortable and lay in a position where you can look up under the dash.
  5. JLJunkieMX107

    Help choosing an amp for my sub.

    What's your budget? That's going to be the biggest factor in what gets recommended to you. There's a lot of amps out there that will do 250rms @ 4ohms. Also, don't worry about getting an amp that's rated higher than the RMS of the sub. You can get a larger than necessary amp so you have some headroom, just adjust the gain appropriately and you won't blow the sub.
  6. I pulled up your subs based on the BP1204 printed on the terminal, which leads me to assume you have the Dual brand 12's in a bandpass enclosure. To answer your question, the box is already wired to be run bridged since the 2 subwoofers only have 1 terminal on the enclosure. You could run wires to each sub and hook up one on each channel but that wouldn't make much difference. It would still be the same load as being bridged. Have you checked the voltage at the amp with heavy bass playing? It almost sounds like it's going into protect from low voltage. I would start with the ground wire. Instead of bolting it through that plate and into the body, I'd sand off some paint and bolt it directly to the body. I've seen amps that play fine at lower volumes but went into protect at higher volume levels....upgraded & relocated the ground wire and then everything worked fine.
  7. JLJunkieMX107

    JLJunkie's Retarded Budget Build

    I'm about 99% sure of who did it. We've only been in the house for a little over a year. The previous owners (as we found out after we bought it) were a bunch of criminals. Their kids are on a first name basis with the local sheriff because they are in and out of jail so much. Their oldest son (around 35 yrs old) is a total meth head. About 3 weeks after we moved in, he pulled into the driveway late at night and was asking where his parents were. Apparently, they left town and didn't tell him....or he was just tweaking. I just got really bad vibes from this dude and he kept wanting to just stand in the driveway and look into my shop. As cheesy as it sounds, I made my EDC visible (XD45) and let him know he was not welcome, if he came on the property again then I would call the police and defend my family to the fullest extent. Never heard from the guy again..... I'd be willing to bet it was this guy trying to rummage up items to sell for drugs. The whole situation just really sucks, I moved my family out into the country to get away from the crime. In a 12 month period, we had our cars broken into 3 times in Colorado Springs and had 1 attempted B&E. That was the whole reason we packed up and moved to the country. My wife is from a very small town in Germany, so things like this reeeeally freak her out. Definitely did not expect it to happen where we currently live, but then again, seems like the rural areas are full of tweakers these days. I'm taking my wife out to the range this weekend to throw some lead around, hopefully it will make her a little more comfortable knowing she has the tools to defend if necessary (not trying to spark a gun argument, it's just a necessary tool when you live out in the middle of nowhere and the average EMS response time is over 30 minutes). Anyhow, I am getting waaaaay off topic from my build lol
  8. JLJunkieMX107

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Not sure if anyone in here is a fan of I Prevail, but they just dropped a new album recently. It's got some pop vibes in some of the songs but I'm digging it. They've added a lot of synths/bass drops to their songs so it's nice to have some heavier stuff (nu metal if you will) that makes the system wang.
  9. JLJunkieMX107

    JLJunkie's Retarded Budget Build

    Thieves are the worst, work for your own shit. Lo and behold, an APMI-2k popped up on a local FB sales group that I am on. I still have all the paperwork from my amp so I've got the serial number right here. I notified the cops so it'll be interesting to see if they attempt to make contact with the person. I'm glad it's just an audiopipe and I didn't have something more expensive in there,
  10. JLJunkieMX107

    JLJunkie's Retarded Budget Build

    Well, some asshole broke into my truck last night and stole my APMI-2K. The box must have been too heavy because they tried to pull it out and gave up. I also had a couple of budget amps back there that I was testing for the $150 challenge, they stole those too. This is particularly troubling because I live at the end of a 1 mile long private road out in the woods. There's no way to randomly come across our house, we were specifically targeted. They also broke into my wife's jeep and our camper, stole the faceplate off the stereo in our camper WTF?? Nothing of value was in the jeep tho. I have 5 dogs that are just about useless because they didn't bark to wake us up during the whole ordeal. I doubt they'll be back, but I've got the freedom seed dispensers at the ready. Looks like I am in the market for a new amp, I may give wolfram a try.
  11. JLJunkieMX107

    Random Picture Thread

    Holy hell, that thing is the definition of badass!
  12. JLJunkieMX107

    Random Picture Thread

    Seeing all these older cars brought back memories. For a couple of years, I worked in my friend's rat rod shop and helped build some pretty badass hot rods. Here are a few that we put together 1939 International Harvester on bags. 350 chevy under the hood. dubbed "project Low Mater". This was my buddy's truck and I've got a lot of memories from cruising around Tennessee in this thing lol This is a 35 Ford, chopped 4 1/2 inches. It never got finished, the customer ran out of money and had to pick it up like this 1934 International Harvester. This was the shop owner's personal project. I had no hand in working on this but I at least got to ride around in it lol. Full restored and all the modern amenities were added. I think he ended up selling at barrett jackson about 9 years ago.
  13. JLJunkieMX107

    Old School Roll Call

    Definitely not what it used to be. i remember where there would be thousands of members on here at any given time, it was hard to even keep up with all the posts. I used to frequent Realm of Excursion back in the day.....that place is a complete ghost town.
  14. JLJunkieMX107

    Car Audio Fails picture thread

    lmao, I just got one of those emails from Wal-Mart that said something like "Shop More of the Stuff You Love!". It had a picture of a Sundown Audio Sub with a $15 price tag in the body of the email and I thought "wtf? how can they be selling for that cheap?!?!". I click the link and here is what they are selling...
  15. JLJunkieMX107

    Random Picture Thread

    good god, the exterior didn't look too bad but that floor pan is fuuuuuucked. When I was living out in Colorado, you could find all kinds of older cars that weren't rusted out (especially down in NM). Now that I am up in Michigan, I can't find anything that isn't totally rusted out.