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  1. 2002XLT

    2 cheap amps. Sony xplod and road gear

    Can't really find much info but I found this. 250 watts peak bridged 2 x 100 watts peak 2 channel output mosfet powered 2ohm Stable
  2. Item(s) for Sale: Selling 2 amps. Sony xplod xm-ds1600p5 RMS Power @ 4 ohms500 watts x 1 channels RMS Power @ 2 ohms900 watts x 1 channels RMS Power @ 1 ohmNot Stable Peak Power Output1600 watts Power Specifications - Subwoofer Channel RMS Power @ 4 ohms RMS Power @ 2 ohms RMS Power @ 1 ohm Peak Power Output Amplifier Specifications Amplifier Series Amplifier Class Number of Channels1 - Mono Total Peak Power Output Total RMS Power Output900 watts Maximum Input Gauge Size Minimum Impedance Unbridged2 ohms Minimum Impedance BridgedNot Bridgeable THD at Rated RMS Power0.2% Speaker Level InputsYes Preamp Outputs1 pair High-Pass Crossover Frequency Low-Pass Crossover Frequency Subsonic Filter Channel Separation Bass Boost0 - 10 dB Bass/Gain Remote Fan CooledNo Fuse Rating40A x 3 Road gear 250 watt 2 channel Item(s) Description/Condition: Both items are used. They are not perfect. They do have scuffs and scratches. I'd rate both a 6/10 cosmetically. Both work fine however. I tested both of them. Only the amps are included. Nothing else. Also the road gear is missing one screw. And the sony xplod is missing a 40A fuse. If I get a chance I will try to buy one but no promises. Price: Sony - $100 obo Road gear - $50 obo I honestly don't know what to ask for them so shoot me a price of interested. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: I will ship the cheapest way I can. So probably usps unless we work something out. I'm flexible. [ATTACH=CONFIG]26549846[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26549847[/ATTACH]
  3. 2002XLT

    Speaker size for 02 sebring convertible?

    Nothing on google. And no to best buy. And I'm trying not to have to pull off a panel just to find out.
  4. I am trying to replace the speaker on my work car. I looked on crutch field and it tells me nothing fits. I believe they are all 6x9 but want to make sure before ordering them. And it's an 02 sebring convertible without the infinity system. Anybody know what size speakers?
  5. 2002XLT

    What dd sub is this?

    I have a kx2500 would it take 2500 + rms?
  6. I got this amp with a sub I recently purchased. I do not plan on keeping it but wanted some info before selling. What are the specs? I know it's an xplod but it has 3 40a fuses. So does it do rated? I can't find much info about it. And lastly what used value could I get or should I expect from it?
  7. 2002XLT

    What dd sub is this?

    Thanks. And power handling?
  8. 2002XLT

    What dd sub is this?

  9. 2002XLT

    What dd sub is this?

    What value would you put on it?
  10. 2002XLT

    What dd sub is this?

    Ok I took a chance on this and bought it. Got it today. Here's motor pics. What is it? [ATTACH=CONFIG]26549665[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26549666[/ATTACH]