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  1. lowriderram_95

    RE Resonant Engineering XXX 05 Style D2

    Ygpm. Need a second one
  2. lowriderram_95

    TC Sounds Underhung NeoRadial 18

    This hasnt sold yet?
  3. lowriderram_95

    Xbl^2 motor

    Still for sale? Been lookin for another XXX motor for a while
  4. lowriderram_95

    1000-1500w SPL Numbers

    You did a wall for 2 12's? Why?
  5. lowriderram_95

    1000-1500w SPL Numbers

    1 nsv1 18 on an old kicker kx1200 did a 145.1 in a malibu hatchback
  6. What part of the state you in?
  7. lowriderram_95

    Loud & clear front stage FS. Imo unbeatable at price

    Tweets shipped to 72120?
  8. lowriderram_95

    Re audio xxx 15

    No pics, wrong section...good luck
  9. lowriderram_95

    04-05 re xxx 12

    If it was a 10 it'd be mine.
  10. lowriderram_95

    Elemental Designs Nine.1 & Nine.4 Amplifiers

    Ikr? Guessing the people that bought them back in the day are growing out of the hobby and unloading their setup. Always have liked these amps too
  11. lowriderram_95

    Older model 12" RE XXX

    Price shipped to 72120??
  12. lowriderram_95

    FS: DIY CT Sounds Meso 2000w RMS Subwoofer kits

    How many 18's ya got?
  13. lowriderram_95

    Fs konaki 15" sub

    Havent seen one of these in a while. Glws
  14. lowriderram_95

    Multiple SQ Subs - 4 RL-i 8s, DIYMA R12, Hertz

    How do those 8's compare to the soundsplinter orphan 8's??