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  1. fasfocus00

    The problem with LOC's or DSP's...

    if you constantly are messing with EQ setting, you're doing it wrong anyways
  2. fasfocus00

    WTB: 16ga Speaker Wire

    i got 20ft lengths of Kicker 16 gauge. I have about 6 total pieces. $10 each plus shipping & paypal fees.
  3. fasfocus00

    10 inch SQ type subwoofer

    i have a pair of Eclipse 9104 that need to be re-coned. $125 plus actual shipping cost. already removed soft parts, just needs to be cleaned and re-coned.
  4. fasfocus00

    just bought a house

    it's the same as car audio, in wall being a basic OEM replacement. no real imaging or filling of space. while I recommend JBL and Klipsch, it's mainly b/c they both do a pretty good job of getting close to custom building your home theatre with off the shelf products. these would be like get brand specific speakers and enclosures. you'll get way more out of just building everything as one off but HT is by far more expensive to do this than car audio. if you do in wall how do you plan on getting bass frequencies? are you just looking for in wall for making noise or actual home theatre?
  5. fasfocus00

    just bought a house

    i would not go in-wall. most sound decent. i'd go with either JBL or Klipsch personally. I'm changing my movie room from all Onkyo to Klipsch and my living room from Onkyo to JBL. Home Theatre can get really expensive really quickly.
  6. fasfocus00

    New CompD Kicker 15s vs CompVR, what's the catch?

    the comp D and comp S lines use a cheaper cone material and the baskets are cheaper cast baskets. the new Comp VRs use a different material and press shape and it's still a cast basket but is slightly beefier. I'm still trying to figure out the 100 watt difference in rating still.
  7. fasfocus00

    Speaker level inputs.

    the "shielding" that you are referring to is -. you'll want to get ahold of twisted RCAs, it makes it easier.
  8. $60 shipped for an Alpine that does 300x1@4Ω and 500x1@2Ω.
  9. fasfocus00

    Good Deal On SQL Motor for 10"

    would a 1st gen RE SE motor be good enough? $65 shipped.
  10. only if the amp you are using accepts high level inputs.
  11. if an amp has high level inputs, you're better off just going that route. think about it, speaker level is a high voltage AC signal. if you take that speaker level then use a LOC to lower that AC voltage than back to your amp to amplify that signal back up again.
  12. fasfocus00

    Kicker CX1200.1 or Precision Power PPI P1000.1

    i've installed several of those Kicker CX amps. i'm surprised that Kicker amps have been thrown aside like they are junk in the last couple of years. just look back a couple of years and Kicker and RF amps were always top tier in regards to quality and power. during that time people have turned on them despite still having the same quality and always putting out more than rated.
  13. fasfocus00

    Budget Headunit w/ Bluetooth

    jvc 320 or kenwood 312
  14. fasfocus00

    Kicker 40CWR124 vs Punch P3D4-12

    i use a comp r 8" and love it. either one will be fine.
  15. fasfocus00

    experienced installers plz

    first the Kicker Front Row is not a true DSP. second you need to make sure your OEM unit is processed before OEM amp at processed in each door.