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  1. Injected54

    What's the best SQL sub for my box? SQL Top 3

    Thanks, will a flat magnet sub fit in the box because of the angled mounting? I'm not sure how to find out which one would be needed either. From the factory on the top of the box where the magnet sits they cut a 5" hexagon hole on each side. Then they put a piece of mdf on the top of the box above the hole and sealed it to allow more mounting depth. You can see the extra tapered mdf on the top of the box. Would a flat base magnet work on this or would a tapered bottom magnet style be needed for it like on the FI Q? I'm open to suggestions if anyone else has any also.
  2. The way the rear bench seat is in my truck it's angled and doesn't leave a lot of room underneath it for subs. I've been looking around for awhile piecing everything together and got a like new down firing box from someone that sold their truck. What's the best or top 3 that would work good in this box and in what order would you rank these subs SQL wise? Here's some specs on the box and the amp I'm running. What's the top 3 subs that would sound the best with this setup for SQL? 1) 2) 3) ProBox OODX210DF '98 and up Dodge Ext Cab Down-Fire Double 10" L45" x D17 1/2" x H10 3/4" Hole Size: 9 1/8" Mounting Depth: 6.25" Air Space CU FT Vol: .70/side Dodge Truck Extended Cab MTX TA81001 Class D Mono Amp Car Audio Amplifier 1500 Watts RMS Power Output: 750 Watts @ 1 Ohm, 500 Watts @ 2 Ohm Peak Power Output: 1500 Watts @ 1 Ohm, 1000 Watts @ 2 Ohm Signal To Noise Ratio: 68 dB Frequency Response: 20-200 Hz Bass Boost: +/- 12 dB Built-In Crossovers: Low Pass THD @ 4 Ohm RMS Power: Low Level Input: No Built in Cooling Fan: Yes Bass Control Knob: No Dimensions: 9-5/8 L 20-11/16 W 2-1/2 H MTX Audio TA81001
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    What the hell is this? (Pic)

    What kind of car? What year? Stick or automatic?
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    Got some 84lb boxes today!

  5. Wheres the updated picks? We need Moar Pics!!
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    2008 Jeep Wrangler build....

    Rehost your pics so we can see the build, all we can see is the photobucket square that says the pic has been deleted or moved.
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    Anyone use or heard the RE Slim Line?

    FI has a website?
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    Thundra stopping in....

    Welcome to CA.com.
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    dat boi black

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    Hello all

    Where's the pics?
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    new to caraudio.com

    Welcome to CA.com
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    new to the board

    Welcome to CA.com
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    hey boyssss!

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    Why I'm Here

    Welcome to Ca.com