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  1. wenn_du_weinst

    Pioneer 80prs is garbage.

    those sound good as well. I believe McIntosh oem'd them
  2. wenn_du_weinst

    Pioneer 80prs is garbage.

    pioneer is garbage. problem solved DENON CAR CD PLAYER DCT-A100 STEREO DCT-A1 DCT-Z1 | eBay
  3. lol tight budget and has w7's cause/effect?
  4. wenn_du_weinst

    15" Earthquake Holees!!!!!

    the holees motor shits on any solox motor. I wish these could be reconed.
  5. wenn_du_weinst

    Punch Vs Prime

    I think he means he will connect them to the amp, not to connect them to the headunit and amplifier.
  6. Ask question to help himself learn how to design an enclosure, gets told to learn more. the volume is the actual chamber, the port and subwoofer are separate.
  7. wenn_du_weinst

    Amp suggestions for a Sundown SD-2 10"

    WoofersEtc.com - SAZ-1000D - Sundown Audio 1000W 1-Channel Monoblock Amplifier
  8. wenn_du_weinst

    How to secure 45's

    what? how would you lose airspace? you screw them from the face of the 45 into the sidewalls.
  9. I would charge $50 for design and 1.5 times cost of materials.
  10. wenn_du_weinst

    How to secure 45's

    secure them from the inside not the out side.
  11. wenn_du_weinst

    Old shcool JL 8W6's

    these are pretty nice sq subs. I always wanted some but never got around to buying it.
  12. wenn_du_weinst

    Cat back suggestions

    [quote name='skylineTT'] @wenn_du_weinst; Costs a lot more money to go fast around turns. lol[/QUOTE] I like highway runs, we don't have any real curves where I live.
  13. wenn_du_weinst

    Cat back suggestions

    make it sound like this.
  14. wenn_du_weinst

    Cat back suggestions

    I can't stand drag racing, to me it's like watching a 100meter sprint.
  15. wenn_du_weinst

    Cat back suggestions

    eh it would take a lot of boost on a civic to take my old car out.