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  1. TheFiverMan

    Single 12" / Amplifier $400 Budget

    I got sundown sa 12” dual 2 and a Orion XTR1500dz for 400 shipped. Original packaging on both
  2. TheFiverMan

    Orion monoblock

    Much cheaper korean boards out now. I owned most of the SAZ series of amps 6-7 years ago and i know they were underrated a lot. I believe the SAZ 3500d was clamping almost 4500 watts and pretty much the same price as the SCV3000 is now. But once this SCV line came out 2-3 years ago and i seen the prices especially the 3k amp i went a different direction. They make great drivers but over the years their amp prices have gone up way too much for me. and yes i can see this hurting amp sales. YouTube is a powerful tool
  3. TheFiverMan

    Orion monoblock

    Did you watch the new video from Him today? It’s not the same amp it’s a brand new amp bought from woofers etc with same results.
  4. TheFiverMan

    Orion monoblock

    Nothing changed If anything it made things worse. Always thought these amps did rated power at 12.6v. Over the years ive owned several sundown products without any problems. The SAZ series amps we're great and underrated, Sundown needs to really look into this. Paying 800 dollars for an amp that barely breaks 3k at 14.4v is ridiculous.
  5. TheFiverMan

    Been gone two years need advice for new 8 inch sub

    Their subs are fine and so are their korean board amps.
  6. TheFiverMan

    Been gone two years need advice for new 8 inch sub

    The SSA 8"s are really nice and so are the sundowns. Like stated above stay away from the Chinese amps
  7. TheFiverMan

    Orion monoblock

    I love my XTR amp so I’m Not shocked by the Orion numbers even though I don’t care about the danamic numbers they are a bit underrated for sure. Owned several sundown amps and never disappointed but I don’t know much about the scv line. Considering the amount you pay for the amp I’d expect Orion numbers from it. I always thought the scv line rated at 12 volts?
  8. TheFiverMan

    Soundqubed vs Synergy

    I’d take that Korean soundqubed 1200.2 over any Chinese board. I’ve owned quite a few soundqubed amps (Korean boards) ran them all .5ohm with not a problem.
  9. TheFiverMan

    Best bang for buck subwoofer rms

    9 times out of 10 you get what you pay for in the car audio world
  10. TheFiverMan

    Weird Sub Issue

    NVM. Just seen you fixed it
  11. TheFiverMan

    Best bang for buck subwoofer rms

    How are you going to get 5 amps to a 1ohm load? 4 15s you can wire them to 1ohm yes.
  12. TheFiverMan

    Best bang for buck subwoofer rms

    Those Rp2000s are not strap-able either. Id spend the extra money on a Korean board amp then these new chinese boards if you're spending money like you plan on.
  13. TheFiverMan

    Best bang for buck subwoofer rms

    Extremely overpowered if you plan on beating on them hard. Why 5 amps for 4 woofers though? Im confused by this logic you have.
  14. TheFiverMan

    Audiopipe APCLE-18001D Amp Dyno

    These boards have proven themselves for almost 10 years. Great amps for the average user. Just dont run them .5 daily (At least i wouldnt) and have the power to use them and they are fine. The people that have complained about them being ****** are most likely 18 year olds with a 95 honda on a 60amp alt and 6 year old stock battery.
  15. TheFiverMan

    Best bang for buck subwoofer rms

    Refurb SA 15 for I think around 179, Soundqubed hds3, American bass XFLs. Not many 250 dollar subs are going to take 2500rms daily though.