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  1. Lol... Yeah that's pretty weird
  2. darkist240sx

    15" sundown zv4 15 d1

  3. darkist240sx

    Digital Designs CS6.5 BNIB

    Love these speakers... they have an amazing tweeter and the set can eat a ton of power... I ran a set off of my d5 600.4 clamped at 300w per side and they sounded great... of course i was decent with the volume knob
  4. Stick to the Pioneer 80prs it's worth the couple extra... maybe 250 in the classifieds ---------- Post added at 01:32 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:31 PM ---------- It's a big price jump going above that, and a big quality drop going below it...
  5. sell it to zeus. youll get your money no doubt.
  6. darkist240sx

    2- JL Audio 12W7 for sale

    cut ur price by 40% and u might get some bites. even then alot of people would buy other subs. just lock this...
  7. darkist240sx

    FS: (2) HDC3 12"s, Dual 2 ohm NO TRADES

    wherr u located, ñight consider if u were local and i dodnt have to ship or could jabe soñeome pick em up from wherever u are
  8. love these amps, i had a 600.4 . musta gotten a deal on it tho
  9. darkist240sx

    New JBL GTI 6.5 inch speakers

    why cant I just be rich???
  10. darkist240sx

    Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T

    PM Me lowest to 33069. And I agree on price being to high. not to dump but the sII is kinda dated. the sIII has been out for a while, The note II kills it. Thursday the press release for the sIV was in NYC. The SIV comes out in a month and has a bigger 1080p screen,13mp camera,8 core procesor,new style wifi,wireless charging. and will be the same price of this with contract. I just dont see someone paying 320 anymore for these. great phones but with samsung giving the S14 release date of April 15th. kinda kills the value. Just sayin. GLWS maybe craiglist will yeild the best results. or a trade.
  11. the MT is Much Stronger,Bigger,Heavier etc. Im just not a fan of the lack of cooling on Mt's. Their monsters regardless. Used to run a mt motor with Btl soft parts loved it.
  12. I know someone has one that they want to get rid of.
  13. Title says it all. Price : a d6 just sold for 150 shipped and i bought a d5 a year ago for 125 shipped. So keep it within those numbers. Time frame: Whenever Thanks to all who reply.
  14. darkist240sx

    FS Pioneer DEH-80prs, Stinger Expert

    trade for a pair of klipsch synergy f2 HT towers??? figured id throw it out there.