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  1. Hold up. If the car has a factory amplifier, then the shields can be common. You cannot wire the aftermarket speaker outputs into a factory amp input unless you know the amp can accept it. Factory amp signals are usually from the RCA outputs of an aftermarket head unit. The factory amp needs a remote turn on signal. First, verify you have a factory amp. Second, get the interface for that trim level.
  2. That's odd. Was an alarm system installed? Unlikely but possible that the wiring to the steering wheel controls is being affected. Sometimes, we'll see the connections made for an aftermarket system can make the factory connections fragile, but those connections aren't under the steering cover.
  3. Avoid all of your options. How old is the car? Some old cars had a common ground wiring setup for speakers or used chassis ground for speakers. A new head unit cannot power these directly. You can buy an adapter: https://www.crutchfield.com/S-xCiioYRdSj6/p_142FGA/Scosche-FGA-Floating-Ground-Adapter.html
  4. keep_hope_alive

    Oz Audio 300H 12" Sub Pair, IB Ready

    Actually, I still have one of the two.
  5. keep_hope_alive

    2018 Toyota Corolla sound treatment

    I've seen those being used as resonators to cancel road noise. I've also seen them as protection from the door card being pushed in. I've left them and i've removed them, depending on the car.
  6. keep_hope_alive

    2018 Toyota Corolla sound treatment

    Yep, good choices!
  7. keep_hope_alive

    Pac LD-10 Line Driver Wiring

    It is important to not wire the LOC power input directly to the head unit remote. It says to use a relay to isolate the unit from the remote output because the remote output can only source a few milliamps. Always a good idea to have the power for the LOC turn on/off with the head unit. Add a relay as recommended. That won't help the buzzing but it will prevent damage to the head unit. Buzzing is usually a signal grounding issue. As mentioned, a long ground wire is not recommended. Ground at the amp chassis ground. Ensure that's a proper ground connection (tight, bolted, bare metal, etc).
  8. Sounds like it's dead, bro. Not a thing you can fix. You're in for a small investment getting an aftermarket head unit in there with necessary adapters, but it's certainly better than another dated stock unit with no features. You can go with a double-din or single din (depending on the features and look you want). You'll be able to add bluetooth, android auto or carplay, navi, etc. Kenwood, Alpine, Sony, and Pioneer are good options (I recommend Alpine or Kenwood). http://www.metraonline.com/vfgapi/vehicle/76127 Crutchfield will likely include the install accessories if you buy the head unit from them, and you'll get instructions anyone can follow. Let us know what you choose and share some pics of the final product!
  9. your first resource is www.bcae1.com. An excellent source for you to start understanding what and how to get going in DIY car audio. It is recommended to stay with the same brand and product line with front and rear speakers so they sound the same. Either Hertz Deci or Pioneer are ok choices. An aftermarket head unit is an important piece as it determines what features you have and what sound quality you start with. Kenwood is a good choice here. You pay for features. The amp you linked is compatible with an aftermarket head unit (via RCA cables and remote turn-on wire). Power wiring install methods are important to research and require a fuse holder at the battery with insulated connections and safe routing that follows factory routing. When in doubt, it should look like it was installed by the factory.
  10. There are illumination and dimming wire connections to aftermarket radios (orange and orange/white). These aren't always compatible in the way you'd expect (some need 12V and some need ground). Even without knowing your car's specific wiring by memory, i'm not surprised the issues were interlinked. You can focus your efforts on understanding how the dimmer and illumination wires should be connected in your car.
  11. Sounds like a classic issue of a short in the speaker wiring. Remove the head unit and inspect every connection - they will likely need to be re-done. If you still have an issue after that, then you look at the speaker connections themselves and insulate/inspect for shorts. if any bare copper wire is visible anywhere, it needs to be taped up (3M electrical tape, i use Super 33+).
  12. keep_hope_alive

    newbie need help!

    If you have an off-brand Chinese head unit, then yes, it's a problem overall. They seem like a good deal but aren't made well at all. Last one I installed spent about 5 minutes in the car before it was taken out and a Kenwood Excelon was ordered. The methods you use to install speakers matters a lot. Factory speakers have very good seals to door panels, and you have to make those from scratch with aftermarket. if neglected, sound will suffer. 6-8 hours is a typical minimum effort for a good speaker install (resonance control, sound absorption, seals, and gaskets). A great install is even longer. I talk about that with the Everyday Audios crew in the podcast linked in my sig. Note that an OEM system has a lot of time and attention spent (even if mediocre) to the install quality and air-tight seals. Likely your speakers were blown due to lack of proper crossover settings. Most amps lack high pass filters that go high enough for tweeters and small mids. A proper installer would know this and ensure each speaker has a proper crossover setting. Not sure how he wired all of those speakers to a 4 channel amp with the necessary crossover settings.
  13. The clarion EQ (if you have the same one i suspect) has an input switch, make sure it's not pressed into the AUX position (can happen by accident). That would mean you'd just hear the cross-talk from the HU input.
  14. duplicate below to quote you so you get the notification. Assuming you have the EQS746 or similar 7-band eq.
  15. It appears you want to add your own subs and amp and you want to totally bypass the factory subs. One method is to physically disconnect the factory subs from the factory amp, then use your LOC on the factory sub amp output. With this option you'll want the factory subs to be on, then when you disconnect them (unplug them and insulate any unused connectors) you will have a signal to the LOC.