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  1. keep_hope_alive

    Adding lowpass filter

    where are the speakers located? are you using them as midbass or midrange?
  2. keep_hope_alive

    Is My Head Unit Fried?

    a spark would be an issue if the memory pin touched the head unit chassis. not only would that likely blow a fuse but it would also put 12V on the HU chassis, which can damage internal circuits. it matters what it sparked against. if the pin is not fully inserted in the harness, it won't make contact with the HU pins, and the HU won't turn on. likewise, if the pin opening is too big, it might not make contact with the HU pin. confirm you're measuring voltage at the harness between the yellow (+12V) and black (gnd) wires. you'll have to measure from the back of the harness because the HU side has openings that are too small for a DMM probe.
  3. sub phase only affects the interaction between the sub(s) and speakers. when the speakers and subs are in-phase they work together. when they are out-of-phase they cancel each other. if you have rear deck speakers and trunk subs, the subs are distorting the rear speakers by moving the cones. you want to build enclosures around the rear deck speakers to protect them from the sub pressure. that would likely resolve the clarity issue and allow you to choose the setting with louder bass. also, what is the HPF on the rear speakers set at?
  4. keep_hope_alive

    2018 Honda Accord Touring Audio Upgrade HELP!

    I have a very clever buddy working on that. Unlikely given the signal is proprietary. Someone needs to build an adapter like they have for Mercedes vehicles with a similar signal.
  5. keep_hope_alive

    Newb with no sound

    You'll need to use a DMM to measure voltage at the amplifier, assuming the amplifier is powering the speakers. You're interested in the remote turn on and the battery connection.
  6. keep_hope_alive

    Where does the Voltage Drop?

    you'd like to know what the voltage is at the amp terminals relative to the alternator output.
  7. sounds like you have a slight short in the speaker wiring, which would cause the amplifier to run really hot and thus heat up the head unit.
  8. One easy method is to use a LOC with auto turn-on circuit. Does the stock system have an external amplifier.
  9. First - you cannot "t-tap" the factory wiring to add an amplifier. You cannot connect the outputs of two amplifiers together (under most circumstances). In order to interact the signal from a factory radio, you have to cut the factory speaker wires and redirect them. Signal path starts at the head unit and has speaker wires to the LOC. The LOC has RCA to the amplifiers. The amplifiers have speaker wires to the crossovers then to the speakers. It may help you to draw a diagram. The manuals for the LC2i should help.
  10. keep_hope_alive

    Microphone mounting question

    Best locations are close to the windshield for two reasons: 1. that's the direction you're already facing 2. you get a reflection off the windshield that is useful.
  11. keep_hope_alive

    Aftermarket Stereo install

    Troubleshooting will require a DMM. Can you take voltage reading at the radio harness on both constant and ignition wires?
  12. You can wire the Radio through one switch leg and the Radio, USB, and LED through the other switch leg. A On-Off-On switch has a center common for the hot conductor. Then you'll have the Radio power to both positions one and two. USB and LED will only be wired to position two. You could also use relays. You can dedicate one relay to Radio with a second relay powering Radio, USB, and LED. In that configuration the On-Off-On switch would power the relay coils. This allows you to use a smaller toggle switch since it won't see the current of the load.
  13. keep_hope_alive

    2018 Honda Accord Touring Audio Upgrade HELP!

    The main issue you have with that car is the audio signal between the head unit and the amplifier is a proprietary optical signal, so you have to get the signal after the factory amp. The control to the factory amp is via RS-485. That is a huge limitation for what you can accomplish because the distortion inherent in the factory amplifier is further amplified. This matters because the shop is proposing putting an amplifier after an amplifier - which means you're amplifying distortion. You need to keep the factory radio because of the level of integration. And you need to keep the factory amplifier because of the optical connection. The JL Fix is a good product that helps with the factory EQ but it cannot eliminate distortion. If you keep the head unit volume low (i.e. don't use it) and only use an external volume control in a DSP (like the JL Twk) then you can get the cleanest signal possible. You listed a 5 channel amp, that I assume is intended to power the factory speakers. But in the Touring model each speaker has a different amplifier channel for each speaker - 10 total. What speakers are you planning on using? If you want your car to sound as good as you describe, you'll need enough amplifier channels to control each speaker. Maybe you could omit the center channel from the plan and keep it on the factory amp - what comes out of it? You could use a JL Audio VXi amplifier VX800/8i that feeds a monoblock for the sub which would give you the DSP flexibility to get the factory system sounding as good as possible. But the factory speakers will then be your limiting factor. Replacing them is another challenge. I'm not saying this to discourage you. I've gone though great lengths to get my Accord sounding great. But you should be aware of the challenges.
  14. keep_hope_alive

    6 speakers w/ a 4 channel amp??

    I'll take the complement.
  15. keep_hope_alive

    Crossover -- Wiring -- Amplifier

    Don't put crossovers inside doors. They will get wet and rust quickly, then fail. Always keep crossovers dry. The space between the door panel and door metal (inside) can be used, but secure it well. A 3-way is the same as a 2-way, with just one more speaker connection. You said you understood my first description, what specifically do you not still understand about a 3-way with a tweeter, midrange, and woofer driver? Subwoofers aren't connected to 3-way crossovers. Subwoofers have separate amplifier channels with dedicated crossovers (usually electronic).