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  1. It appears that the factory speaker has separate connections for the the tweeter and woofer. The thing to determine is if the woofer output is full range, or if it has a low pass filter. hopefully, it is full range as that is what you'll need to use.
  2. keep_hope_alive

    Is this JL Audio VX800/8i amp with DSP really worth it...?

    I have the 1000/5i and wired a buddy's 800/8i and 1000/1i. Yes, the VXi series of amps are definitely worth the price. The DSP is extremely flexible, you can link up to 5 amps with the hub, and you get a set of tunable outputs. The sound quality is great and the channel configurations are many. You can even assign different channel assignments to different presets, selectable using the DRC. I'm happy to answer any questions you have on the VXi series. I have a YouTube video on using the VXi to correct for factory EQ.
  3. The amp has one channel with two places to land wires, making wiring multiple subs or multiple coils easier. It's possible you have a slight short at any of the amp/box/sub connections causing the low impedance light to register. a quick check should include making sure there are no bare copper wire strands visible at any connection point.
  4. keep_hope_alive

    wiring 2 amps to 1 cap

    You won't get shocked from 12V components. But you can short them out or cause them to rapidly charge which will result in a spark. You can land power and ground wires on the cap terminals as well, most can be used as a terminal block.
  5. keep_hope_alive

    need help installing amp in 14 malibu ltz

    Power wire needs to route through the firewall on the driver's side. Each year/make/model is unique so you'll have to find a spot that is clear on both sides of the firewall. Maybe group with other wires, if space allows. Ground needs to go to bare metal and as close to the amp as possible. Grounding location importance is somewhat determined by how much power you're looking to pull. The floor is always a save location to use, just be careful of what's under the floor in that spot. Maybe someone with the same car will chime in.
  6. pacparts.com is the source for most of these kind of parts. you'll need the model number of the changer
  7. keep_hope_alive

    Which of the two auto ant do I use?

    whichever one has 12V when the radio is off. one may be switched with the radio source selection.
  8. keep_hope_alive

    Car wont turn on

    Where did you get voltage for the LOC? What fuse did you tap? Describe "won't turn on" in a lot more detail.
  9. You didn't describe what wire kit you had/have/want. One safe bet is to add up the fusing on the two amps and have an amp kit that is rated for that total amperage. Don't forget the fuse at the battery! That can be sized for the wire (usually comes with the kit).
  10. keep_hope_alive

    Adding another battery

    Doesn't matter. parallel is parallel. The older batteries will drag the new battery down to their float voltage.
  11. The noise isolator is reported to attenuate the signal. Glad it solved your issue, ground loops are difficult to resolve sometimes. OK to increase output from the LOC to compensate.
  12. My bypass is valid thru 2012. I'm looking at 2013+ and it will be similar.
  13. A few years ago your installed inspired me to build out my 2016 Accord EX. I did everything besides changing the head unit. Hertz front components, Hertz 6x9 in the rear deck with using tin snips to cut the correct size out all feeding a hertz 4 channel. 

       I ordered a pioneer deck and 99-7804B Metra thinking that it would fit right in being that crutchfield said it would fit my car. Took my dash apart to find out that it actually doesn’t fit. Now I’m hoping that you could help me with what dash kit you used to install your deck in the lower compartment. I’ll have to unfortunately return my purchase to them and get something else that will help me achieve a better flat sound feeding the sub amp to get better lows. Here’s to hoping hope helps me achieve a better quality sound. 

       Below is what my car harness looks like and what my stock radio looks like. 



  14. keep_hope_alive

    6x9’s not working

    Define "they are getting power". speakers work when power is applied. are they powered by an aftermarket amplifier or the head unit? If the new stereo was connected to the amp with RCA, what output did they use? If they used the sub output, it may have a low pass filter or may be turned off.
  15. if you de-pin one of the wires and see how it's configured that will help your search. places like Digikey, Mouser, and Newark should sell pins, but it will be a tedious search. Good luck!