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  1. Haunz

    The power of the pups is real!!

    Years and years ago a guy did six Funky Pups sealed and was surprised with the results. Six 12's with 11mm one way xmax at $40 per sub is no joke, son.... 😂
  2. Haunz

    coils coils coils

    For SPL competition you can hook up more amplifiers to the same size coil as well. You can hook 8 mono block Amps to a quad coil sub, for example..
  3. Haunz

    12v DC to AC converters

    Dude.... As a few others have stated..... get something that plugs into 120AC LMAO! I bought a used Buttkicker amp for about $100 years ago... Currently run two Beringer EP2500s and used to use a 12v external crossover with a wall wart before getting proper processing setup...
  4. Haunz

    Cheap high powered head units?

    I'd get a regular deck and add an amp.....
  5. Haunz

    Subwoofer smoking...!?

    My guess is you wired one coil out of phase with the other, which is why you were not getting any sound. Check your wiring and try again...