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  1. Entry level subs or not, MTX makes descent gear. And you are not going to clip a cheap 500 watt amp short of overdriving it with sine wave for an hour, and overpower two 500 watt subs. AUDIO 101
  2. check your grounds
  3. youdoofus can't tell the difference between copper welding cable and a garden hose🤣 Probably could discern between a monkey's ass or a monkey wrench either 😂 The OP's subs look fine for entry level stuff too me. All I see is a bunch of shit posting here. Back to my first comment, it's normal for new drivers to smell when you first put power to them which is what the original post was asking about. Smell you later F.A.G. 😂🤣😀😂🤣😂😆😁
  4. Haunz

    4 Rockford Fosgate P3 10s in a mustang

    You should probably google it "you dumb ass"
  5. The OP should follow youdoofus; and what she is saying about frequencies... Frequency Assured Guidelines When you think about youdoofus, think F.A.G. and you will never blow your subwoofers.
  6. The OP clearly has the TNE212DV terminator box, which is indeed rated for 500W per sub. Entry level MTX in a modified prefab box is less than ideal, but I would expect them to handle that amount of power. I'm surprised none of you geniuses posting bothered mentioning that it is perfectly normal for new subs to smell for the first little while, while the varnish on the VC windings bakes on...
  7. Haunz

    Subwoofer cone reconnection to foam

    On foam "automotive goop"
  8. Haunz

    4 Rockford Fosgate P3 10s in a mustang

    I don't know what this nonsense is you are posting about; but it looks like Russian fake news. I can assure you doubling the sound pressure level (ie. sound intensity) corresponds to a +6db increase in volume.
  9. Haunz

    Looking to downsize from 2 Type R 15s

    I would lean towards keeping the two 15s and building a large sealed box, over a ported 12.....
  10. Haunz

    4 Rockford Fosgate P3 10s in a mustang

    +6db is twice the sound intensity
  11. Haunz

    Car audio suddenly has issues

    OP hook an MP3 player of whatever up to the amp through different RCA cables and see what happens.
  12. Haunz

    Car audio suddenly has issues

    12V to turn an amp on doesn't mean the amp can draw current... Also power ground can often affect signal ground... I've seen stranger... Head scratcher from what the OP posted.
  13. Haunz

    Car audio suddenly has issues

    Check your ground connection
  14. Haunz

    Subwoofer suggestions for my amplifier

    Any dual 4ohm sub rated for 300-500 watts should work fine... then bridge each coil to a pair of channels... As posted above you might want to make sure the sub is the culprit before you buy anything... you can test it with a 9v battery to see if the cone jumps.... Also as suggested you can do much better as far as the amp goes but that's up to you....