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  1. rumblebee2

    Dodge Ram Sub Box

    up guys
  2. Hey guys I'm selling my subwoofer box for a dodge ram 1500. This is fiberglass covered with fabric on top. I don't remember the exact cubes it is but the cutout is for 2x 12" cvr's. This was built for under the backseat of my 2005 Dodge Ram but also fit in the 2006 model year. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I'll start the price at $120 OBO. I live in Palmbeach county, Florida and would like to stay within an hours drive as of now. Chris[ATTACH=CONFIG]26524327[/ATTACH]
  3. rumblebee2


    their tracking system is a joke. it'll say delivered like 2 days after you get it.
  4. ^^ lol- i was thinking the same thing.
  5. rumblebee2

    Tahoe+BTL 18"=fun

    nice box, did you gouge him on the price of the box.
  6. rumblebee2

    What should i chose?

    i'm pushing him for 2x 18s, but, i'm thinking 4 12" type-R's will get us louder cheaper.
  7. rumblebee2

    What should i chose?

    so, i have a buddy that i'm doing a system for. he already has 2x 12" type-R's already in his tahoe, but, wants to go bigger. now he wants to be somewhat cost effective, should we just go to 4x 12" type-R's total or sell the type-R's and go to something else? just figured i'd ask for some incite from you guys.
  8. i really am surprised that i haven't seen this idea before.
  9. pm me the answer please.
  10. how do you make the square cutouts for the terminals?
  11. rumblebee2

    why are my sub cutting out

    Got o the WTB- Want To Buy- section and post that you need an amp and what you need. Wanted To Buy or Trade - Car Audio
  12. yeah, just figured on 4 cuft. net instead of 2.6cuft.
  13. rumblebee2

    dropfest 2010

    gotta love the oldschool caddy with gold spokes. [ATTACH=CONFIG]26518445[/ATTACH]
  14. mazda fixed my problem.