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  1. Hey guys I'm selling my subwoofer box for a dodge ram 1500. This is fiberglass covered with fabric on top. I don't remember the exact cubes it is but the cutout is for 2x 12" cvr's. This was built for under the backseat of my 2005 Dodge Ram but also fit in the 2006 model year. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I'll start the price at $120 OBO. I live in Palmbeach county, Florida and would like to stay within an hours drive as of now. Chris[ATTACH=CONFIG]26524327[/ATTACH]
  2. rumblebee2

    What should i chose?

    so, i have a buddy that i'm doing a system for. he already has 2x 12" type-R's already in his tahoe, but, wants to go bigger. now he wants to be somewhat cost effective, should we just go to 4x 12" type-R's total or sell the type-R's and go to something else? just figured i'd ask for some incite from you guys.
  3. ok guys this is going in a tahoe. It's 2 type-r 12" sub's, which i wanna do a box crx style for. the subs on top and the port facing back towards the tailgate. so here's the problem, with winisd i figured a port with 14 sq. in's of port per cuft. (2.6 net box) will equal a displacement of .693 cuft. the subs together are a displacement of .142 cuft. , so if you add that together i need a box of 2.742 gross cuft. how the hell do i fit the port in my max measurements? my max measurements are 48" across X 19" back X 20" high. sorry for the book i just wrote thanks chris
  4. rumblebee2

    Volume lowers by itself

    when a friend of mine turns volume up pretty loud it turns itself down to low, almost like ATT. What could be some causes of this?
  5. rumblebee2

    craigslist W7 - $200

  6. rumblebee2

    Box help!

    Any box builders on the site i need help. i'm designing a truck box and need to know the length to cut the face of the box and what angles mostly. Never did a slanted face before. http://i525.photobucket.com/albums/cc337/rumblebee2/BOXDESIGN.jpg (insert picture wouldn't work for some reason) Feel free to PM me. thanks chris
  7. how much would you pay for an RE SE 12" with snapped tinsel leads? i'm not positive if the leads are repairable.
  8. So, trying to input my TC3K's #'s in and it keeps saying the parameters don't add up. any "real, non-sarcastic" advice welcome-lol. thanks guys. chris
  9. This is for a Tc3K 12". looking for 2.25 cuft. net at 32hz w/6" aero. So, let's begin. Aero 6" x 28.54" Sub displacement - .12 cuft. Port displacement - .467cuft. I also have a cutout for a seatbelt bracket - .281 cuft. [/img]
  10. I need: 1. 2x 6" Inner diameter Flared Port ends 2. 2x 6" couplers 3. 2x pipes for these- i need 30 inches of pipe roughly. i answer pm's quicker. make you price included with shipping to 33463. thanks chris
  11. Can anyone send my a link for one? been looking for green pvc at homedepot, but, couldn't find any. trying to get everyting cheaper that PE's price.
  12. http://miami.craigslist.org/brw/ele/1273904767.html US Amps USA-800 ← home 2 x 400W @ 4 ohms 2 x 800W @ 2 ohms 2 x 1500W @ 1 ohm 1 x 3000W @ 2 ohms bridge THD Fuse: 400A 40 inchs long (101 cm), 36 lbs (16.33 kg)
  13. Prices are OBO. just posting prices for rules. Post dumping not wanted and will be reported. All plus shipping MODEL #'s Screen- $30 GATEWAY MX6440 15.4" WXGA LCD SCREEN 2x Memory- $7 pc2700s-25331-AO DVD Burner- $20 GWA- 4082N Wireless Mini- $8 BCM94318MPG PCI WiFi Battery- $25 aha63224819 I use USPS flat rate shipping. Anything else you want pm me. thanks chris
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  15. rumblebee2

    Is this right?

    so i'm using WinIsd Pro for the design of my box. so if i type in 2.25 cuft. at 32hz with a 6" aero, it says the port would have to be 28.54" ! Being this is a truck box, it's going to make my box pretty long. so am i figuring this out right?