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  1. TeamRetribution

    zachzchw possible scammer

    Im a dealer for both XS and Audio Technix . And neither company has ever said anything about the the other . Looks like Aaron made the right decision in this case . Just to be safe ..Great Business !!
  2. TeamRetribution

    SMD Distortion Detector Testing and Review!

    "useless tool "///SMH ...walks away
  3. TeamRetribution

    Why is dc audio so secretive about pricing?

    Hmmmm !!! SMH ...walks away
  4. TeamRetribution

    SMD Distortion Detector Testing and Review!

    Finally someone with some common sense ........
  5. TeamRetribution

    Sundown Ausio NS-1 production version 12v clamp

    Thats what im going to do with mine
  6. TeamRetribution

    pretty sad

    Seriously Dan .I do believe you have a issue not thinking before you speak .I have seen that time and time again from you . I think in the future you should do your homework on topics before posting
  7. TeamRetribution

    sa-8s or sa10s

    Whats your budget ? You want new or used ?
  8. TeamRetribution

    Sundown Amps Protect Mode

    Due you have it wired to the amps ...High pitched sound is kind of a odd thing .feel free to shot me some contact info ..Ill walk you through some tests
  9. TeamRetribution

    Sundown Amps Protect Mode

    Sounds like there a low voltage issue .Test each battery by itself
  10. TeamRetribution

    Car alarm suggestions

  11. TeamRetribution

    wtf is pioneer thinking?

    I dont have any issues with my pioneer
  12. TeamRetribution

    3 18" MTs in a sierra

    D a m n "lil weiner has alot to say ..
  13. TeamRetribution

    159.9 bass race ppl lookout

    Cool Todd ..good luck
  14. TeamRetribution

    sundown 3k fried?..pics***

    Thats funny i just seen a pallet full of the AP 3k all doa ...hmmmm