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    Newb Alert!!!

    Hey everyone. my name is nathan. i just recently got into car audio. i have been working on cars for about 8 years but i was always fixing cars and never got to the stereo. i would like to thank everyone that will help in the future on this site.
  2. nater281

    newbie question

    the sub model is srw2041. the rms for the sub is 150. the impedance for the sub is 4 ohms.
  3. nater281

    newbie question

    i bought a truck a couple months ago and it had a bazooka powered tube and was hooked up to a crossfire (i believe) 70x2 amp. the crossfire amp and the amp in the tube put out too much power for the bazooka sub so i bought a new 8" sub for it. now the amp in the tube doesn't work and and the crossfire cuts out when i get to the point where it starts to sound good. the new sub is a 300w max clarion. i don't have much dough to work with so what would be a good budget amp for this application? any help would be much appreciated.