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  1. Getting family to invest in a failing business doesn't not qualify you to be a consultant.
  2. Gram of distillate? LMAO. Thats just a few droplets of what looks bunk and dark AF. I spill much more than that out of my RBF's 5x a day and throw it away. Cannabis consultant my ass, you probably moved to Colorado and grow the boofiest garbage mids possible loser, Kill yourself.
  3. ******* best buy lmao
  4. SourDeez

    2011 ppv Tahoe slowwwww build

    Speechless. Michigan is fucked. Especially the UP
  5. Says the guy telling the other guy to go to ******* BEST BUY to have them wire up a harness. Thats literally the most outrageous thing I've read in the past 5 minutes
  6. **** that, you're an absolute failure in life if you have to go to best buy to have someone wire up a harness. Its seriously like 12 wires. You don't even have to solder them, just use some **** wire nuts. Takes like 10 minutes. Get it on amazon from metra and do it yourself
  7. SourDeez

    2011 ppv Tahoe slowwwww build

    No way. Prove it.. My tahoe was titled as a light passenger truck in 3 different states.
  8. SourDeez

    So if mankind were gone...

    It's almost..like...a CORNspiracy.. on the cob... but wot is it m8? I think there would also be lots of.. CORNfusion going on
  9. SourDeez

    Corn on the cob

    You forgot fuel
  10. SourDeez

    Car Audio Build Help

    I would just go with a few kicker cvx's and call it a day bro
  11. SourDeez

    2011 ppv Tahoe slowwwww build

    According to the government of the state in which you live, as well as the country you live in. They classify a 2011 tahoe as a truck. Its not my opinion, its straight up a fact that a 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe is considered a truck. I win. You lose. Just don't bother replying to me, because you make yourself look more like an idiot every comment you make.
  12. SourDeez

    2011 ppv Tahoe slowwwww build

    But..we don’t disagree..you’re just wrong.
  13. SourDeez

    Corn on the cob

    Has been some time
  14. SourDeez

    2011 ppv Tahoe slowwwww build

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truck_classification Because they are trucks. It goes by GVWR. Just because the bed is enclosed doesn't make it not a truck. Federal and state laws agree with me. A pick up truck is simply a type of truck that just so happens to have an open a bed. Semi trucks don't have a bed. Are you saying a semi truck isn't a truck?
  15. SourDeez

    2011 ppv Tahoe slowwwww build

    It's larger than most 1500 pickup trucks