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  1. Bro this is the Thunderdome. You can't talk about that retarded car audio shit in here.
  2. That's cuz we didn't have shit like that. If we wanted a water slide we had to go to the water park. Bad ass. Where was the structure? Is the foundation still around? Your presentation is WAY better than his. lol
  3. And I dipped my toe into HBO's new controversial show. It taught me something very important.. I'm old now. lol
  4. I was not a fan of his late night show. But this new hotness is the best shit he's ever done by far.
  5. Watch out FORD!! That's how they got Delorean!! I certainly do remember you! What made you stop by?? All black like the rear wheel in the first picture. That's because she was shaped like a boy with mom ass before she got the bolt ons. She is much improved but still not top ten of anything other than good singer.
  6. Sorry bruh. I need tits in my life.
  7. Doggy style is legit the most boring way to fuck.
  8. Oh I see what's going on here. I didn't realize the gravity of the situation. Your mother abandoned you right after birth huh. You've never even known who she really was. Try men.
  9. More like gonna go take a shit show now. Jesus Christ I must have triggered you hard. 'Welp' is how I speak. Deal with it faggot. I also say Whao instead of Whoa, because phonetically, that is how it sounds. Did she just not love you or are we talking about a complete abandonment? Because you're broken as fuck son. I know those feels. Looks like an erosion fain to me. Shame for the car though. At least it is a 4 door. Indeed. Tom was a legit wrestler, and I've seen Biebs box. He's a bitch in the ring.
  10. Welp found the guy who's mommy didn't love him enough.
  11. Meanwhile there was a real race on this weekend up in Canadia.
  12. David Letterman's new show is the best interview show I've ever seen. Except for the Kanye episode. That guy is a turbo chode (and my only exposure to him was this interview).
  13. I disagree. They were different. That's the underlying reason behind the gripes. But if you're paying attention they still show where society is headed.
  14. He doesn't have to juice anymore. Probably hasn't even seen a gym in the whole off season. Come back though? He didn't go away. He retired.