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  1. mapolley07

    ??? port area

    thanks, its been almost a year since I've designed an enclosure and i forgot that
  2. mapolley07

    ??? port area

    anyone mind posting the standard port area to box volume ration? I can't remember it, as in xx sq in. per cubic foot
  3. mapolley07

    So I just got..

    post up some pics, measure the box, figure volume and tuning
  4. mapolley07

    I Hate Myself For Doing This...

    from personal experience (installs I've done in friend's vehicles) the Fi Q gets very loud and sounds great. 2-2.5 cubes at 32hz works great. the SSA icon is louder than the Q by far, and sounds pretty **** good too. Same box as the Q works well
  5. mapolley07

    do i really need it?

    capacitors are not worth their weight in shit for most applications, don't waste your time or money. Big 3, bigger starting battery, bigger alt, additional batteries
  6. mapolley07

    Car future

    its spam, dumbass
  7. mapolley07

    F-ing pissed... Tang Band 6x9s don't fit stock pods.

    or a jigsaw....did tang band send you a cutout template with the speakers? if they did use that to trace the ring out onto the mdf and cut out your rings. if not, you will have to work a little more, but making your own rings is easy
  8. I know an AGM battery would be the best solution, but right now i need an adequate solution that won't cost me a ton. In college and money is tight
  9. Okay turd, that wasn't the point. These vehicles aren't running big systems, but both are due for a new battery and I was looking into a solid, inexpensive solution. $400 worth of batteries for each vehicle kind of defeats the whole purpose
  10. Okay cool, I figured 1000 MCA would be sufficient to start most vehicles, but wasn't really sure how well they would charge off the alternator and what not being a Deep Cycle/Starting Marine battery. I think with your experience being so solid I may just go ahead and put these in both trucks.
  11. Yeah, we sell Optima, but these batts are less than 1/2 the cost lol
  12. That's cool, that was my same concern as well. They would be great as second batteries, but for these vehicles one battery will be fine
  13. Nice....wish that would happen at my store lol.....but anyway, would this work as the only battery in a car? looking to use one as the starting/underhood battery in a tahoe and a grand cherokee as well
  14. How'd you get one for $24? Core Return/Used Battery? anyway, will these charge properly off an alternator and work as the only battery in the car?