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  1. Pay no attention to that little Martin Logan, its just there for looks since that was my old sub, gonna sell it soon. The Polk is more than I need, here is a video of it in action too, and it was when I had the Martin Logan installed. Also speakers weren't spaced out as it is now.
  2. So as of right now, I have: Sony KDL60W630B 60" 1080p (TV) Sony STR-DN850 7.2 4K (Receiver) Episode 700 Series Towers, Center and Bookshelves Polk Audio PSW505 12" Towers are bi-amped but I am going to get the Fluance XLBP bi polar speakers for my front highs since I watch more movies than music. Got the bookshelves mounted in the rear on some mounts. Amazing clarity, and I am upgrading to a Pioneer SC95 receiver, so I will have the Atmos feature. Hope you guys like it.
  3. na_rsx

    Hey everybody

    Thanks homie, gonna do the big 3 in 4 gauge and then just straight 4 gauge to the amp
  4. na_rsx

    Hey everybody

    Just get some extra bass, but sounds like you summed it up for me, big thanks brother Well I have the infinity system installed, highs are crystal clear, even the stock sub is decent, just want that extra bang, maybe I can just do a SA10 with lesser watts?? Also what LOC is good, since I plan on going with that route. I been out the game for a while, so they're maybe have been new ones released, I think I used to use the Chief Indian or something like that, Navaho or something LOL Thank you very much
  5. na_rsx

    Amp recommendation 2xSA8 V1.5

    Hey brotha, what LOC are you using? Also what are you going to use to tap into for the RCA and remote?
  6. Been a hot minute, just got back into the bass scene, and I now have a 2012 Kia Optima SX-T, I don't want to remove the radio, so I was thinking LOC, big 3, can I run 1500rms on just the LOC or would it be easier to get a processor, if so which one. Thinking the Polk Audio 1000.1D and a Sundown X10, 1.5 @ 32hz
  7. na_rsx

    Elemental Designs NINe.1

    What part in the burbs, I live in Pilsen and very interested, loved ED and all their products
  8. that guy's voice is annoying lol
  9. na_rsx

    FS: Incriminator Audio 12"

    How much for the flatlyne? How did you like it?
  10. no thanks, already sold!
  11. willing to haggle, will not go any lower on what it cost to return it!
  12. its been a week, where is the galore lol
  13. i just might keep it now lol, been reading more and more reviews on it, i was looking at the Envy but i been hearing a lot of issues with that!