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  1. chief_bignut

    WTB mp3 player

    USB cable yes. But for hygenic reasons no headphones.
  2. chief_bignut

    WTB mp3 player

    IVE GOT A 5TH GEN IPOD NANO 8GB 9/10 COS 10/10 MECH. for $55 shipped pics
  3. chief_bignut

    WTB Ipod Touch

    ive got a 64 gb 3rd gen if your interested. its in like new condition. it does have spots on the back part from a case i had on it. it has had a screen protector on it since day 1. lmk if your interested. i can get you pics.
  4. chief_bignut

    FS: XFX 9600 gso

  5. chief_bignut

    FS: XFX 9600 gso

    sure why not lol
  6. chief_bignut

    FS: XFX 9600 gso

    V-day bump
  7. chief_bignut

    FS: XFX 9600 gso

    come on guys ive still got this and want to sell
  8. chief_bignut

    my old daily invicta time piece

    invicta is some good chit bro. i personally have 7 of their watches. my suegros have over 200 combined. good stuff bro good stuff. free bump and GLWS bro. someone buy this.
  9. chief_bignut

    FS:AT&T windows smart phone

    chit i might buy this even if its just for a back up for my iphone. does is it 3g and wifi capable ????
  10. chief_bignut

    15" Re MX enclosure question

    Anyone? Come on guys
  11. cant you achieve the same look by using painters tape or a vinyl decal and a flat clear or frost spray paint.????
  12. chief_bignut

    15" Re MX enclosure question

    ok so im re-doing the design before i cut anything out. my external dimensions are 35*20*19 which gives me an internal volume of 7.69^3 if im not mistaken so then after sub displacement (.22^3 feet) im left with 7.47=7.5 im rounding up. ok so with a slot port 6x20 (120 sq " of port) and a length of 23.25" im right around 32hz. if i did the math right. so the external measurments of the port tell me that the port takes up 2.09^3 which leaves me with an internal volume of 5.41 after port and after sub. is this still too big of a box for the sub?? anyone correct me if im wrong on these measurments plz. any input is helpful
  13. chief_bignut

    15" Re MX enclosure question

    im not all that big on sq. dont get me wrong i like it to sound good but i like it to be loud as well and at the same time still be able to pick up the lows. i picked up this 15" as a temp sub. i may find another non working mx and send them both in to team psi and have them make identicle subs and go from there.
  14. chief_bignut

    15" Re MX enclosure question

    the mx isnt new. its been reconed by team psi i believe. i bought it used from dman_1 on caco. i think hes here too. if it blows ill simply have it reconed again. no biggie
  15. chief_bignut

    15" Re MX enclosure question

    ok i ended up going 4.75^3 after sub dispacement right around 32hz. will begin cutting and assembly this afternoon. will take pics and post em up if anyone is interested to see how this turns out