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    Love my job
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    Caprice Wagon
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    Fort Bragg NC
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    US Army
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    Car Audio install
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    1 Audioque hdc3 3.2cuft @ 34hz on(early 2000s) Plant Audio BB2400.1
  1. frasierraheen

    FS: BB1350.1 good power!*!**!

  2. frasierraheen

    FS: BB1350.1 good power!*!**!

  3. frasierraheen

    Arc Audio, Kicker, Stinger, Sky High, SMD, JBL

    How much for just the dd1
  4. frasierraheen

    WTB SMD DD1 and CC1

  5. frasierraheen

    FSD FZ3800 400 plus ship

  6. Looking for a SMD DD1& CC1 in good working order, shoot me a price. I may have a American bass vfl 4480.1 to trade also. She ugly a$$ heck but she works.
  7. Is the rub still available hit me up
  8. frasierraheen

    Looking for 2 good 4 ch amps

    Thanks a million, Sorry I've been out the loop for a couple of days. I got a pretty good deal on a pair of skar sk125.4's
  9. Looking for 2 good 4ch amps to run active.I need at least 80rms @4ohms. Budget is 400, let me know what's out there.
  10. frasierraheen

    4 - Skar Audio Pax-6.5's

    How many do you have left
  11. frasierraheen

    FS: BB1350.1 good power!*!**!

    Physical Measurements pls
  12. frasierraheen

    Crescendo Symphony S800/4

    Is the amp still available
  13. frasierraheen

    WTS: Used Crescendo 4 channel

    It's she still available
  14. Rubicon 2500s sold . American bass VFL only one left