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    Alpine cda-7892 Fosgate FNX 4" mids and tweets with oz audio xovers. Diamonf audio D391i 6x9's
  1. tc300

    Best SQL Woofers?

    ssa icon
  2. tc300

    Best alt and batteries on a budget?

    duracell AGMs!!!
  3. down firing will be fine. talk to cscstang on here for a good box design. he maybe even recommend not going with downfiring...
  4. Tecmo, eb flex and royal excellene
  5. tc300

    MMats 3000.05

    did you buy this from some one in springfield??
  6. the fs on them is 48hz or higher isnt it..???
  7. tc300

    Ppi black ice feedback for the price range

    i thought the first line of black ice amps were good...???
  8. tc300

    WTB box design for dual sa-10s

    Do you have the sa’s already?? I ask cause you would be better off with the SD’s
  9. maybe set hp filters on that pioneer deck flat... not sure how much bass you are wanting from those 6x9's.
  10. tc300

    To upgrade or not to upgrade!?

    id put that sa 10 in a good designed box hands down.....
  11. tc300

    2 lightning audio x1.10.vc2 For sale

    how much play is on them..??
  12. tc300

    Pre 2005 Xbl^2 motor

    pics are a must!!
  13. tc300

    Blew my SI Mag 15. What to get now?

    Recone it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!