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  1. I'm sure it's great. Not trying to bash. Many of these DSP's have a place of their own. Always good to recycle nice gear, that's for sure. I knew someone would bring this up..So from what I have heard from an inside source... They are assembled in Germany but made from China parts. I don't know how much of this is true but it shouldn't really matter because it all comes down to engineering. I'm a huge proponent of German engineering so don't take this the wrong way. I'm a big fan of Helix as well.
  2. They're all worthy in their own way. I like my PXA-H800 a lot but I would only get it if I already have an Alpine headunit. Helix Pro is overpriced for what it is IMO so I wouldn't get it unless you came across a great deal. The rockford DSR-1 and Dayton DSP is what I would look at for the absolute budget minded person. The JL TWK is like the in between at an attractive price point but I don't like it cuz it doesn't give you full control. As of right now if I were to spend money on a nice DSP I would go with the zapco z8 IV or V. Zapco is reasonably priced for what they offer IMO. They have a great track record and they are constantly innovating. Every DSP is made in China nowadays so choose based on what you're trying to get out of it. Rather than brand name. I would just starting saving your pennies right now...
  3. blazian87

    its cheap, but is it that bad?

    So what happened was I had my own modem when I signed up. They used to charge a monthly fee so I already have a good modem. Nowadays it's free with service but I was like I still wanna use my own modem. They couldn't sign me up directly so they had to find some weird loophole. Then the guy gives me a phone number to call so I can activate my modem. I call that number and I told him can you activate my modem? I gave him my mac address, then within seconds I got internet and just left it at that. So IDK.. I was never put into the system at all. But you're right, they probably would find out eventually if I started using a huge amount of bandwidth unaccounted for.
  4. blazian87

    its cheap, but is it that bad?

    That's pretty smart. How often does it get recycled? Did you know your metadata can still be traced even if you use another ip address? All you have to do is log in to one of your accounts that's related to you and it will be linked to you. Signing on to your email or caraudio.com.. almost anything.. If you already done this even once, it's already traced. I wonder though.. There was one time where I accidentally got free internet for like a month and a half. and I was like.. where is the bill? So I went to my provider and was like.. I never got the bill and would like to pay for it. They couldn't find my info at all.. didn't exist. The guy was like.. and your internet is still working?...uhh.. no? I basically snitched myself out and had to start paying lol. Do you think if I didn't have a physical address connected to that IP address, would it still be traceable to my house?
  5. blazian87

    its cheap, but is it that bad?

    I don't think anyone else gets reassigned your ip address. it's pretty unique and it can be traced to your house, literally. There's still metadata collected no matter what you do to build a profile about what you like and things you are interested in. You can only add more layers of security, but nothing is actually full proof for anonymity these days unless you're really careful about every step. Practically every big corporation you can think of has leaked our info. You name it, they've all either leaked it or sold it to a 3rd party. There's a search engine called duckduckgo that claim to not collect data but how much can you actually trust? When you agree to any companies' terms of using any of their devices or services, you are pretty much giving them permission to take your info and they'll do whatever they want with it. You can do things like use a VPN, onion routing, and/or installing a completely different OS on your computer that doesn't collect anything whatsoever.. The more anonymous you are, the more restrictions you get from entering a website. It will think you are a robot or don't exist so it makes you go through some hoops just so you can enter the damn site, even caraudio.com lol. Like i said these are just layers of security someone would have to go through and even then you can still be breached. but if you have nothing to hide, then all of this would be pointless. I could totally see how someone would need to be private about medical issues or something very sensitive. People have their reasons but what I'm saying is it's becoming harder and harder to run away from this.
  6. dude congratz~ that's a sweet ride. Those are hard to come by nowadays. I bet you're gonna have hella fun in that. one suggestion.. have you thought of maybe going 3 way active? It's already made for it and it'll be better for imaging if your tweeter is up top. You already have a full blown dsp, might as well take advantage of the extra 2 channels. It'll be so much more worth the effort IMO.
  7. wow if your car was in california with expired plates, your car would be towed on the spot! No warning. Then the tow people will jack your equipment and say it was someone else. Consider yourself lucky.
  8. It's called SWC harness for (brand of car). It's a separate plug that's only meant for the steering wheel control module.
  9. First of all, welcome back! It might help but it depends on how much voltage drop you have. What's your gear? what wiring are you using for the main run? OFC or CCA? double run of 8 gauge is technically stronger than a single 4 gauge run. Shorter the runs, the better. I installed an ASWC-1 before and I recommend getting a factory harness plug for your car from ebay to connect so you don't have to split into original wiring. Don't attempt to do it without the adapter plug. It's super cheap and it'll make your install so much easier.
  10. blazian87

    its cheap, but is it that bad?

    I'm pretty sure your cookies have been tainted one way or another. You can't run away from meta data (well you can, but it's tedious). It lives and breathes through the internet with every click and every search you make. You must have been secretly looking at rockville. I'm sure of it. If not, at the very least they know you're a basshead on a budget, which makes sense lol
  11. I'll try to answer the best I can. You already know a 4 ch amp is meant for speakers so it just doesn't make sense to use it for sub duties. The main reason this doesn't work is because of the lack of wattage that's going into your speaker. Planet audio is known to be a cheap brand that likely does less than rated. There's nothing wrong with cheap budget amps but the fact that this amp is rated at 50w x 4 @ 4ohms, so can you guess how much that translates to in the real world? With a single voice coil 4 ohm, you're pretty much stuck with 4 ohm load. When the speaker actually plays music, the impedance will rise higher than that and likely only end up being about half the power you think it is. When you bridge 2 channels together, you're basically opening up all pathways to allow both channels to work as one big voltage rail. You might think it's a good idea because it effectively doubles your power. The downside is that this creates way more heat and if your gains are set too high, it can eventually cause it to fail over time from excess heat. This is very inefficient because the other 2 channels are being unused which is a complete waste. So on paper you have 1 channel giving you 50w and bridging it with channel 2 will give you 100w. Either way you're still underpowering the sub. This is one of the easiest ways to blow your amp or sub or both. Whichever model pioneer you have, it would be happier with more headroom. Something like 500w or even a 300w mono amp will already make a huge difference in output and clarity. You don't want to run an amp at full power at all times, this just creates excess heat and premature fail. The bigger amp you have, the less work it has to do for the same output. Check out bigblank69's youtube channel, he has a bunch of dyno amp tests on a bunch of popular budget amps. If you look around the classified section often or look on craigslist or online ads, you can sometimes find some hidden gems around. I helped a friend find a used oldschool DD audio 1200w @ 1 ohm for $80 locally from classified section on this site. Helped another friend find a used Boss audio amp I saw on bigblank69's dyno tests that did a legit 1300w @ 1 ohm for about $100 shipped on amazon. It's hard to find good power at 4 ohm for cheap so getting a dual 2 ohm sub is the most cost effective way to get more power for cheap. So you said you had 4 gauge OFC for power and ground. That is more than good enough for anything up to 1200w so swapping them will make no difference in your case. Making your ground shorter will help with resistance but it won't make a difference in preventing your amp to protect. Here's a simple analogy... It's kinda like having 4 glasses of milk half full vs 1 overflowing glass of milk while the other 3 glasses are sitting there doing nothing. Same concept with 2 overflowing and 2 empty glasses. Screw all that and get a tall glass with as much milk as you please and never let it overflow. Or like have you ever used a vacuum at home when running all your high powered electronics? or run your heater and computer simultaneously for a long period of time? This is pretty much what happens when your amp goes to protect.
  12. I personally wouldn't bridge a 4 channel amp to run on a sub. You're just overworking that $50 amp. You need more clean power my friend. There's so many options out there these days in getting a decent mono block amp for super cheap, take advantage of it. I know you don't wanna hear this but I predict that 4 channel will not last very long in this condition. You're wired at 4 ohm with very little power, I mean come on.. you can't really expect much from that. Your wiring is fine. 4 gauge OFC should be more than plenty.
  13. cuz he was trying to cram a bunch of subs in a sealed box, which is a bad idea. He's afraid the bass may not fill the void of the crossover car. He's also trying to leave some wiggle room for other things in trunk. I feel 2 15's ported would take up too space to be practical. 2 12's is a good happy median for many people but since he has a bit more room to spare, a single 18" would be a good choice as well. He has the room for it and it'll be slightly louder. It seems his primary concern is sound quality first so there's no need to go overboard with multiple subs if he can do it with 1. He would save a bit of money by going with 1 sub instead of 2 or 4 also.
  14. There’s a misconception that ported boxes can’t sound as responsive or accurate as sealed boxes. I think you should really consider going ported for several reasons. Adding more subs mean you’re gonna need a bigger amp to keep up. Sealed boxes are not as efficient with power as ported. Could potentially create more heat for your amp and subs. You might have to start upgrading electricals with the more juice you use too. What I think is a better idea is going with a single 18” ultimax and have a custom ported box made. It will be just as loud if not louder than 2 18” sealed especially on the lows. That way you can go with a 1000w amp instead of 2000w. It is much more efficient all around, very cost effective, practical, and honestly think it will sound better too.
  15. blazian87

    Need Rec for New Head Unit

    lmao that's why I said CD. When it comes to video that's a different story completely lol. priorities..