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  1. blazian87

    Rattle from subwoofer

    No you didn’t misunderstand that. Anyone would be better off with more power rather than less when it comes to distortion. The problem is setting your gains correctly. Just from reading your other post about your gains not turned wide open and only about half already tells me that you have your gains set too high. This largely depends on pre out voltage. You would never have the gain completely wide open unless you have the weakest signal ever. Half could very well be clipping too. Roughly 1/3 is where I usually set my gains at if I’m running a normal 4V aftermarket headunit. Even if your coils have a reading and your sub is not technically blown, doesn’t mean that it didn’t cause some damage to your sub. Also, where is your LPF set at right now?
  2. blazian87

    JL Audio W7

    But wait a min.. doesn't your amp have R.I.P.S. technology? Then it shouldn't matter if you're at 3 ohm or 1.5 , you're still gonna get full potential out of the amp as long as your electrical can handle it.
  3. blazian87

    JL Audio W7

    You can only wire it to 3 ohm if it's a single 3 ohm unless you buy a 2nd one then you can wire it down to 1.5 ohm.
  4. blazian87

    Rotary subwoofers

    wow that is pretty interesting. The amount of space required must be massive. If you can pair it with a subwoofer that has good response with the higher bass, you would be able to cover all frequencies up to 100 hz with a breeeze (literally). Your clothes and hair would be flying all over the place on those loww lowwws.. lol
  5. yea that is very typical for almost any mainstream 12" sub. Their primary goal is to sell as much as they can so they will say it will work with a 1.25 box but sounds way better, louder, and less peaky in a 2 cube box. I like how image dynamics is up front about it and says they have 3 different box recommendations to choose from and show you the curve with it. http://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/d53db0_bf2da363da044eed9aafe18ddcc35806.pdf Also, I think OP should consider going with a higher tune since he primarily listens to metal and rock. 32 hz would work well with almost any sub so it's a very generic place to start. Moving the tune up can help bring alive the music that he's missing.
  6. I have an extra Knukonceptz 0 awg to 4 awg distro block brand new if you’re interested. Willing to sell it for cheap. I have no use for it. http://www.knukonceptz.com/mobile-audio/distribution-fuse-blocks/sp/konfused-2-way-power-and-ground-distribution-block/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. blazian87

    Basic home stereo questions

    That’s a great price for a pair of bookshelf speakers. Klipsch haven’t really changed much in their design over the years. They’ve kept true to their beliefs since the beginning. I would trust them.
  8. blazian87

    Dayton Audio Box Build

    Yeaaa buddy! This guy is a mad scientist lol. I feel like this 2nd design would be better for your ski port opening.. We're all excited to hear your results man. Keep us posted. Some of us believe there's gonna be cancellation but it could really depend. best of luck to u
  9. blazian87

    Dayton Audio Box Build

    A friend I know swears by PWK designs. I heard a folded horn enclosure that PWK designed. It was for a 12" Morel Ultimo Titanium. He tells me PWK has his own software that he made to calculate cabin gain and such. The response was pretty decent but I wasn't impressed with the output. Maybe it was the sub I'm not sure. I kinda feel it's a rip off for $50 but if it's for a complicated design then I could understand. There's alot of mixed feelings about this guy but IDK.. Was there a long wait time? I heard it was like a month or 2 wait for one of his designs.
  10. blazian87

    HU and amp Gain help please...

    Yea basically. Too much compression. Some of the songs you find online were either ripped at a low bitrate or degraded over time from downloading and reconverting them over and over. For example someone downloads it from youtube except that most youtube mp3 converters i’ve seen only go up to 256 or 128. Or like you rip a song from a CD at 256 and then you reconvert it back to Wav which still loses quality but imagine doing that over and over.
  11. blazian87

    HU and amp Gain help please...

    We don’t play music at 0db. Of course it’s gonna sound too low. I would just do it by ear man. You’ll know if you’re clipping or not. Get to know your system. I would increase gain for fronts and lower your rear fill gain to get better sound stage. Music is dynamic. You’re not getting a full 100w unless you mimic your 0 db @ 1 khz tone which is practically impossible with music.
  12. blazian87

    Dayton Audio Box Build

    What vehicle is this going in? This just doesn’t make sense to me. I can’t see this going well. I really hope it works out for you tho. Otherwise you might have to get another box made.
  13. blazian87

    Best subwoofer for my options?

    Well it has what's called triple shorting rings built in that's meant to give you ultra low distortion. You normally only see that technology in higher priced subs. It has a 5 year warranty. The one thing I really like about this sub is how linear the response curve is in such small enclosures. The lows are not bloated and overly loud but can hit as low as you want. It's meant for SQ but it still packs a punch. From the description you wrote, I feel like this sub is a great candidate. It's well proven and there's endless reviews and videos about this particular sub. It's more popular in home theater but many of us have used it in car audio with great success. They come in dual 4 and single 4 ohm. A 12" DVC4 with a T-line and a good amp would sound phenomenal for your bronco.
  14. blazian87

    Good 3 ways

    That's if you want to go fully active with a DSP. You can also go passive with 2 channels if you buy a 3 way component set that comes with crossovers. The DSP route is more expensive and complicated but totally worth it. Going passive with 2 channels is easier to set up and cheaper overall.
  15. blazian87

    Best subwoofer for my options?

    If space is not a concern then look into a transmission line box. It requires a good amount of space but will get you the most musical bandwidth you are looking for. Great thing about it also is that it's very efficient with power. I vote for a 12" dayton HO and spend the rest of the money on getting a nice custom enclosure.