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  1. sup guys! kinda new here. is there anyone who can build me a box for 1 15" FI Q for an 02 escalade?? im looking to go ported and my 3rd row seats are out so space really isnt an issue. im in the NOR-CAL area.
  2. hello guys im kinda new to the site.. i have a question about wiring. i have 2 kicker L7 12's that are 2 ohm. and im gonna be running 2 arc audio fd 600.1's to each of them. my box is ported with seperate chambers. what will be the best way to wire the woofers up to get the best out of them? i like deep bass and i listen to alot of hip hop.. thanks in advance!!
  3. hello, i have 2 arc audio fd 600.1's and im gonna be running them to 2 kicker L7 12's in an 02 escalade. is there any disadvantages or advantages to this instead of running just 1 arc audio 1200.1?? thanks in advance!!
  4. hey guys im new here.. i have an 02 cadillac escalade and im going to be running an arc audio fd 1200.1 to 2 kicker L7 12's, is there anything i should do to my electrical system to avoid any problems?? change my alt?? or battery?? wiring? any feedback would help!! thanks!!
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    hey guys..i ve been checkin this site out for a while now and finally joined!! theres some great info here.