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    upgrading soon
  1. yeah, just been sitting in the drawer for a while
  2. twisztdauthorit

    Sexiest, most beautiful amp I've owned...step inside

    nice find! i scored my 8004 for less than 160$ on ebay
  3. twisztdauthorit

    300 in paypal- need an amp

    in my sig... if u can get an extra 15$
  4. Ordered 2 cans. lets see if it will do a light coat on both front and back lights:crazy:
  5. twisztdauthorit

    best amp around 3+k

    both amps for sale in my sig?
  6. those ports are turning me on The holes can be easily filled with resin
  7. twisztdauthorit

    free 200amp alt!!!

  8. twisztdauthorit

    Check what I just picked up on CL for $20

    well they would make good paper weights
  9. twisztdauthorit

    db drive amp = best experience ever

    so what the point of rating and amp 2000 watts rms.. if it can only handle it for 3 secs before blowing a fuse. How the hell is that other guy calling this amp underrated?? take my SAZ-1500 for example. A quality amp that can take lots of abuse. [4x40 amp fuses] = 160 amps [160 amps x 12 volts] = 1920 watts [1920 watts x efficiency] of steady available current for such an amp sounds a little more appropriate to me
  10. twisztdauthorit

    id oem users???

    i had a similar problem when free airing my id oems. As soon as i put them in there fiberglass door pods they handled much better. My x-over is at 80 hz with a 24db slope but they will bottom out at high volume in the lower frequencies. amp im running is an orion 8004 they should be seeing about 100 watts each
  11. bump throw me some offers, or trades
  12. twisztdauthorit

    Need Help Suggesting 18 Inch Woofer!!!

    my re mt 18 w/ juggaurnaut recone 310 + ship
  13. twisztdauthorit

    DD 3515 or AQ HDC315

    ima be looking for a dd3515 D2 if anyone has one for sale in the near future
  14. im gonna assume your talking about the cd deck. It came out of a 2004 Dodge dakota quad cab