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  1. veener79

    Flash drives is speed needed for HU

    Anyone on this? I just want want to know if paying an extra $20 for a flash drive it worth it speedwise for the HU.
  2. veener79

    *VIDEO* 18" Fi BTL turning knob...

    Wow I hate to say it but think of all the bolts holding everything togther in the car that are low Torqe.
  3. veener79

    F#$K! Stripped T-Nuts. Suggestions to get it out.

    Just wondering would any of these be of any help on for the job. http://buy1.snapon.com/catalog/tools.asp?tool=all&SUB_Cat_ID=125058&SUB_Cat_NAME=Extractor+Sets&Cat_ID=124925&Cat_NAME=Extractors&group_id=1254&group_name=Combination+Extractor+Sets&store=snapon-store I know the cost of these are a little high so you might want to check a local hardware store to see if they have a close thing to these.
  4. veener79

    F#$K! Stripped T-Nuts. Suggestions to get it out.

    I would like to see a pick of this. I do a lot of restoration work on cars and I have had to in some improve work on work other people have screwed up and just when rust took everything away. I might be able to help if I can see the problem better.
  5. I have been looking for a good 4gb flash drive for my HU and I know with flash drives you have to pay more for faster transfer rates. What I can not find on my Kenwood DPX501 is how fasts it reads. Except for my first setup of the drive I will not be doing large trasfers much. What I am wondering with HU does it make a difference on what speed flash drive you buy for the HU? I do not even see that the HU is USB 2 anywere.
  6. I have to say I never got into the MP3 thing. My cell phones have been my MP3 player and for the most part I have just bought CD's on sale or online and I never got into buying MP3's. Now that I have my new Kenwood 501 and a USB flash drive and a deck that can read MP3's and WMA files I am thinking of getting some MP3's now. I had a few free download cards that I never used so I went to use them. They are for puretracks.com. You download them in WMA and the are DRM protected. What I do not know is there a way to get these to work so I can play them on my HU. I am getting a protection error as of right now when I try to play them. Thanks for any help on this.
  7. Wow man I hope you did not do any long term damage to your eyes. Even if you look at the weld just after you done you can damage yours eyes. This is the reason that when I got my first welder last year I bought a auto adjust helmet.
  8. I have to say after getting my Kenwood DPX-501 I am very happy with the sound out of compaired to my old Kenwood head unit KMD-PS971R. I have to say on the 501 there is a lot of options on the audio setup that I just can not tell for sure if they are making a difference like adjusting the the filters and a few other things. When I got my home HD system and audio system I bought a setup DVD for it and after fine tuning I got my home system down and setup. I have a very simple setup I have a Kenwood DPX-501, with a 10disk changer, and Siruis. That goes to 6.5" Polk Component speakers in the front and a 6.5" 2 way polk speakers in the rear. This is in a 2002 Honda Civic SI. I have to say I am very happy with the sound right now and I listen more to heavy metal. So I like Bass but not over kill of it Thanks for any help on tuning this system just a little better.
  9. veener79

    Kenwood DPX-510 not seeing Music Files

    Never mind I found the issue. I thought I would post this incase this might help anyone else. I did not see that my Sandisk drive was not a single partition it was 2. So I had to remove the 1 partition and I was sent to go after the format to fat32.
  10. I have my Kenwood DPX-510 installed and going. What I can not get to work in my USB. I am using a SANDISK Cruzer 1GB flash drive. I am running Windows Vista and most of the files are WMA and I have even done MP3 from when Media player did the rip to MP3. I am just getting an error that states "No Music" and I am using the USB cable that comes with the head unit. I am thinking I am missing just very simple that is causing this issue but I am not sure. I just did a CD and that did not work either. I am not sure what is causing this. ***edit**** I did a CD in Roxio 7 for in a Mp3 and that did work. So now my problem is just getting get the USB to work. Thanks for any help.
  11. veener79

    Getting Kenwood DPX-501 USB question

    I am in the Mchenry area. The more I read the more I like the 4gig idea.
  12. veener79

    Getting Kenwood DPX-501 USB question

    I thing after more reading for where I live I think the HD might not be a good idea. In winter we get weeks in below 0 temps with out the windchill and in the summer it get to hot for a HD. So for about 3-4 months out of the year I would be getting upset at my setup.
  13. veener79

    Getting Kenwood DPX-501 USB question

    Wow good call man. For $39 for this one I can not go wrong. I think I figured out that it would hold about 60 CD's. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16820178116 Looks like my CD changer might not stay in my car much longer. I can just put my Sat box were it is now since I all ready have the cable run with the CD changer.
  14. I just ordered a Kenwood DPX-501 and I will have it on Tuesday from a local shop. I got it for $275 so it is a avarge deal it looks like I like the idea of the locals store incase there is a issue. Anyways what I am wondering is I like the USB feature on it but I am wondering what are the best thing to use for the USB. I do not have a MP3 player yet and I am just not a iPod fan. I have searched and I have seen 200+ gig hard drives being hooked up to kenwood units but I do not need that over kill. Right now my MP3's are a little under 11 gigs. I am just not sure what to look at to get. Right now my old Kenwood 10 disk changer still works and I will be using that for a little longer and I think now my 1 gig flash drive but with flash drives having a huge price mark up after 2gigs I am not sure if they are worth the cost to get a larger one. I do like a clean look to my car so I do not want wires everywere. Or am I better off just saving for a MP3 Player? Right now I use my Cell phone Nokia 6682 as the MP3 Player but it can not get past 2 gigs. Thanks for any help on this
  15. veener79


    I found this site looking for some info for a Kenwood DPX-501 that I ordered. I am just wanting to get it setup right. I have to say it looks like this site has a lot of info.