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  1. really depends on the rest of your system. If everything you keep in the car is factory, going out and buying 600 dollar speakers may not change anything. If you are upgrading the whole system, you certainly can hear differences. I first would listen to speaker and get a feel for what you like. Dont just buy online unless you have listened. I also think at certain points you get diminishing returns at certain price points. I recently demoed a set of speakers and heard a big difference from the 300 dollar pair to the 600 dollar pair. I didnt hear anything different from the 600 dollar pair to the 1000 dollar pair, all from the same manufacturer
  2. I have a type r 12 sitting around that I received cheap. I was told these are 4th order friendly and had kicked around the idea of building one since I am sitting on the sub. I saw plans recently for a sealed side of 09 (cu. ft) and ported side of 1.0 (cu.ft.) with a 4 inch port tuned to 50hz. I was wondering what the general performance of that plan would be? The last 4th order I had was similar ported and sealed sections but the tuning was higher like 60hz. The plans were made with a 1 to 1 ratio and higher tuning to get bandwidth from 70 down to 30 if I remember correctly.
  3. Folks, I have used sealed and bandpass but now want to give IB a try. I want to hear what it sounds like and honestly want to get my truck back. Certainly want to do this with a cheap driver to experiment and found specs of a cheap 12 inch and want to know your thoughts. Specs belowFS 24.6Qms 15.6Qes 0.86QTs 0.81Vas cu.ft. 3.606BL 10.31Xmax 11.7 mmOn paper would this work? Since a 4 ohm driver, thinking of doing two powered by the Polk PAD 2000.0 I recently picked up for 50 bucks. I believe that rates right at 500 rms in mono load.
  4. Its been a long time since Ive seen someone that designed a 4th correctly to play flat. I had a few designs just like this where ported section was smaller than the sealed and were great sounding. I am going to dig up an old design for a sa 12 in a 4th that was modeled to play flat from 70 down to about 30. I wouldn't mind doing a 4th like that with the port firing through my ski hole, with a single 10 or 12
  5. Jroo

    Free Air 8

    most subs even an 8 are going to have real issues trying to meet up that high. Just food for thought, and not at all being a JL guy. The Zr800 is an incredible midbass. Most that use it and reviews out there saw 300 to 400 is the max, big issues above that and it will drop down to 40 or 50hz. The time I heard one in a car, I thought it was a sub up front. Guy played it with the sub on and off, and it went down pretty good. Know others on here will tell you of some other really good midbass that will play a similar range and at better price point. Not saying that there isn't a sub out there that can do what you want, its just going to be tough to find one. Also the other part is going to be the install of your door panel. I know you said you had door pods being built, but you also gotta put a fair amount of work into the door as well.
  6. Jroo

    Free Air 8

    are you looking for subs or a midbass? What frequency are you trying to get the speaker to run up to? You may also want to list a price point. Several good 8" midbass drivers out there but also depends on what you want to spend.
  7. I paid 200 bucks and I think I literally ended up with the last batch they had. When I sent the order Credence sent me an email basically saying hold and 3 or 4 days later another email came and said I had one coming. I think they were looking around to see if they had enough parts left to make it. After I got the email, Credence posted they were done. With that being said I would do 170 plus shipping. I had one or two pms so we will see.
  8. not sure what you are trying to do but I have a BNIB 18w6 in my house that I would be willing to part with. I got it when Credence cleared out all the 18w6s and made the last run they had available. Literally got the box, opened and placed in my closet. I am never gonna go with a sub that big so will sell if interested. Just PM me.
  9. getting conflicting info on the unit. Went to one of my local Rockford dealers and asked about unit. The other dealer couldnt tell me anything because they havent touched it yet. First dealer said they dont think it will work for me because you have to use the T harness? I thought it came with both Hi and Lo inputs but they are telling me I can not use my speaker level to this unit? My car is fiber optic to the factory amp and I have to use the speaker outs from the amp. In my situation, will the Rockford work?
  10. Im still trying to dig up my design. If I cant find it, who would be a good 6th order person to go to?
  11. If you don't want any processing, I would go with the audio control stuff. For a loc, just works really well.
  12. what frequency range do you want the subs to run? What you are trying to do has been done, but takes work and tuning. Since you have the 12 are you tying to pick up something you are missing? If you have an MS8 and decent front stage, I wouldn't worry or run rears or subs on the rear deck. I would run your front stage down to about 80 and let the sub pick up from there.
  13. I have a chance to get a SA8 real cheap used and wondered had anyone modeled the difference in ported vs 6th order? Years ago on caraudioclassifieds.org, had a few free 6th order plans and I remember a few said the Sa8 did really well in the boxes. I am going to try and dig up the plans. If memory serves me, they had two versions, one being bandwidth and one being high output. I would look more at the bandwidth version. Back to the question, has any modeled or care to model a single SA8 in a ported vs 6th order? The one I will end up with is 4 ohm final load on around 300 rms from an older JL slash amp in a sedan trunk.
  14. What op is asking has been done and has worked. You shouldn't have phase or cancellation issues as subs should be playing different. I'll try to dig up a design bit the box had a box with an 8 and a 12 poth ported but different cuts. These were all back a few years but the biggest issue was localization of the 8 playing 100 down to 50. This was also before dsp was cheap. The guy I saw had a car that didn't have space for larger midbass up front or doors.