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  1. Yes eBay is out. I've been looking for a while. I have 2 now 1 for left 1 for right. One of them died so I will have to change both amps or find another nakamichi. The nakamichi did 240@2ohms so it was well suited for my needs. I can switch it out for a diamond d3 400.4 or jl e2150 but neither fit the bill. thanks
  2. Looking for a nakamichi pa 301 mono amp. thanks.
  3. edzy

    TNESPL show on the 27th in Milford

    just called them.. canceled...
  4. edzy

    NESPL & TNESPL Hit Laconia Aug 13-14

    Hey Steve, is the show in milford cancelled due to weather? can you update on sat maybe? thanks, Marc.
  5. edzy

    Burr Brown HU's with Ipod or USB..........

    not sure.. Maybe just the excelon line.. I know my x890 has them, and a usb and Ipod connection. I love the USB, All my music is on like 5-6 2 gig and 4gig drives. Plus the Phat noise music manager for that HU is amazing. It talks the folder and stuff, So anything you call the folder, it says.. See it in action here..
  6. edzy

    Burr Brown HU's with Ipod or USB..........

    Kenwoods 25th HU does for sure, But most I believe use a 24 bit DAC form wolfstein or something like that...i cant find the brand name, but they are A quality dac..
  7. Use coat hangers wrapped with electrical tape as power and ground.
  8. edzy

    Oxygen Audio V. Beyma Audio?!?!?! Same Company??

    the are not the same..oxygen is a copy...Like Whip
  9. edzy

    Official Remix thread

    bump for some new stuff..
  10. edzy

    RE Audio 8gb thumb drive GREAT DEAL!!!

    they look like sandisk knockoffs, Still its cheap for 8 gig...To bad my kenwood wont read over 4 gig thumbs or I would grab a few. Staples usually has them on black friday for cheap as well, real sandisks, so I will wait..
  11. edzy

    Mcintosh in Subaru

    Ive seen a few of them up fore sale in my CL ads. From what i read, you need a harness to wire it, and they are hard to find. Metro may have them.
  12. edzy

    wtf is pioneer thinking?

    I never liked Pioneer with that Cyclopse looking single knob, Any Single knob HU for that matter. My Fav is the Kenwood X890 because of its symetric design, plus all the features and USB on a whip. I cut a small hole in the dash and just plug in my thumbdrives. Looks slick and is easily accessible. Out of all the Kenwood X models, I say the X890 is one of the best they made. It has decent Wolfson 24-bit digital-to-analog converter, Has aux input, ( I run my tv/vcr thru it) And the music organizer is the Shitzzz. Voice indexing of folders ect. 3 sets of 5-volt preamp outputs And being an 2008 model, it can be had for cheap. $149.50 2 year warranty as well. If I didnt have the Kenwood, I would go for a Eclipse, MacIntosh, or a zapco...Yes, Zapco made a few HU's.
  13. edzy

    Ugliest Amps of All Time Thread

    Lol, What about that crab looking amp from China...
  14. edzy

    WTB 6.5 Mid

    USD mids 6.5 $83.46 shipped