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  1. i have some miscellaneous things for sale. i havent sold anything in a while as i have gotten out of car audio, but i found some stuff to sell during spring cleaning. all prices are listed with shipping included. they will all be sent usps flat rate. i have a million refrences and i believe i still have a link to my reference thread on here. paypal is preffered and i am verified through paypal. t3 audio tss motor, 45$ shipped. i bought this motor off here a couple years ago for a project and never got around to it. motor is in great condition. 6" port flares, 10$ shipped each or 15$ shipped for both. they were used for a project, but are in great condition with no cracks. pioneer sirius tuner, 40$ shipped. model #sir-pnr1. i used this for about 3 months with my 800prs, but then cancelled my subscription. works great, comes with everything you see and is in great condition. gm premium wiring harness, 30$ shipped. this is the premium wiring harness that will retain all your chimes, key off power, and warning lights and sounds. im not sure of the exact model number, but i think it is a metra gmrc-01. i know it will work for multiple gm vehicles. i had this wiring harness in an 06 silverado, an 05 grand prix, and a 01 sierra and it worked great in all of them.
  2. Do you still have your Sundown 3000d?Please give me a call at 269-788-8257,I live in GR also.

  3. blackbonnie

    looking for 6.5 speakers

    http://www.caraudio.com/forum/car-audio-classifieds/471938-fs-800prs-sundown-100-4d-peerless-hds-nomex-6-5s-seas-prestige-alumi-domes.html i dont have 2 pairs, but for the money, some of the best mids out there. very bright and realistic sound. great midbass and wide band range. i loved these more then i did my id oem's. let me know i can have them out wednesday