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  1. quackhead

    AQ 2200.1 Wired at .5 ohms?

    you will see a substantial ohm rise once the sub is boxed correctly. Those amps are pretty tough...here is a test with the 2200D wired down to .25 ohms with a rise to .9 pumping 3,365 watts at 13v. http://www.caraudio.com/forums/general-discussion/548814-new-b2-audio-zero5-versus.html
  2. quackhead

    Amp noob

    Rockford Fosgate R400-4D (R4004D) 400W 4-Chan Class D Prime Amp
  3. quackhead

    Okay help me out bros

    how much you got in your sub stage and electrical?
  4. quackhead

    Okay help me out bros

    I hear ya, and yes, it can be done. I was referring to the AQ3500 mentioned and the electrical to back it right...you are looking at $1000+ for a couple or three good AGM's, a good HO alty and beefy wiring everywhere just to be able to use the 3500 effectively......for some 'tang?? LOL Like I said, the info is too vague to suggest what op might do to beat the competition, especially if he wants to be considerably louder. We do not know what the other guy's JL set up will do.
  5. quackhead

    Okay help me out bros

    Penis inferiority complex can be a bitch.
  6. quackhead

    Okay help me out bros

    a couple of JL W7's can get **** loud...The info you provide is too vague to just say, oh, grab this and this and you are done. This other dude, what amp is he running? Box type? solid electrical? what type of set-up? car? truck? van? trunk? backseat? $2k aint much if you want to be **** loud out of the trunk, with anything over 2,000 watts.
  7. quackhead

    Amp RMS Question

    just wire them series/parallel config for a 1ohm final impedance and get a cheap and reliable AQ 1200D for @ $300 and hit them with @ 300w ea....done deal.
  8. quackhead

    VVME audiopipe clones cheap!

    what do you mean by "I can't verify the amp rating"? You mean you did not fuse the amp at all? That is stupid.
  9. quackhead

    O' Reilys visit

    smh..I just do not know where to start........next.
  10. quackhead

    Amplifier choice?

    AQ 1200D or a B2 Quota for a good, solid budget minded amp.
  11. quackhead

    Which ones? or none?

  12. quackhead

    Easiest and cheapest way to set gains?

    it either clips or it doesn't....it does not get more accurate than that. By ear is the easiest and cheapest way to do it accurately..
  13. quackhead

    Better budget buy than ppi sedona amps?

    I like PPI vs Maxxsonics/Audiopipe/yada yada..look to this: Precision Power PPI P1000.1 (p10001) Monoblock Phantom Car Amplifier - underrated. ...and this: PPI Phantom Class D P900.4 4-Channel 145 x 4 | Easy Way Electronics, Inc. - again, underrated and very clean output. 1400w rms @ 12v rated output is very sweet for 420 shipped.....not a bad price at all.
  14. quackhead

    Overall Comparison

    this is true, I have no experience with these subs. I just posted one of the couple of mentions I could google about them. I would not trade a AQ anything for an audiopipe anything, myself....but if you have the $$ falling out yur ***, then go for it....and I aint nuthugging here either, but i do not know of another sub that will outdo the AB VFL as far as performance vs price point...@$400 for a pair of VFL 15's that will take that 4k of Memphis mojo. ps, Merry Christmas, brah.