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  1. Sick build dude. I had no idea Treo made batteries??? Videos now.
  2. Andrizzle

    my nissan maxima lowered on 22s

    Looks good, not sure about the front end of those cars in general, but you pulled off this great overall look. Mad props
  3. WTF... I didn't know ford had an excursion limo... That thing looks very awkward.. lol Nice.
  4. Yea I was gunna check on this build see where it is. Last couple days were in the 70s, any work done?
  5. Looks good. All those little phrases and 'haters' below the RF logo is a bit degrading to that type of work put into that truck, IMO of course.
  6. Andrizzle

    New Shoes for my Audi TT

    o sweet jesus... That looks awkward as f---
  7. Holy ballsacks that looks insane. Where in OK u @??
  8. Andrizzle

    Box build for 2008 Escalade

    Awesome bocks, sir. great work and that carpet looks pro!
  9. Andrizzle

    Box build for 2008 Escalade

    moar? 2 pieces of wood does not = build log.
  10. Sounds loud as hell! Your camera does a nice job of not distorting the bass too bad too.
  11. Awesome work done here.... Seems a little excessive with the aero support? I meant those things are pretty stiff as-is. But nice job on that box dude
  12. Looks nice. Your sub is crooked though. pffft and u said ur OCD..
  13. Andrizzle

    SnoopDan Teaches You How to Recone a Subwoofer

    Oh look another car audio forum. Taking bets on lifetime?
  14. Andrizzle

    RidnClean's '99 Expo Build

    Just saw this... MOAR!