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  1. 2016 Cadillac CTS sedan. No upgrades to the electrical. Budget is around $200
  2. I am planning to get a single American Bass XR12D2. It's 2 ohm DVC and planning to wire it as 1 ohm. The rms power handling is 1000 watts. What is a good budget amp for it?
  3. I need my trunk space. The max mounting depth I can go for the box is 5 inches
  4. 2016 cadillac cts sedan. I forgot to mention that I will be doing shallow subs most likely 8", maybe 10".
  5. I have a rear deck with 2 factory "subs". I want to remove these and build a box mounted under the rear deck with the subs facing into the car. Should I do 2 subs sealed, or one sub ported with the port facing into the car? Which will be louder?
  6. My car comes with two 6x9 "subs" on the rear deck. I want to remove them and build a shallow box mounted beneath the deck with the subs facing into the car. My budget per sub is around 100.