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  1. Fiercetimbo17

    * JL W7 Box Specs!?

    Ive had a couple 13w7s and tons of boxes. Honestly their recommended was probably my favorite, it was a good mixture of sound quality and loud. I use to build a ton of boxes and tried just about everything and for my tastes it worked best, could get loud as I would ever want but would sound great everyday on any music I would listen to.
  2. Fiercetimbo17

    Constant power

    My question is what the hell does this thread have to do with constant power?
  3. Fiercetimbo17

    Bonified, Certified High Quality Amps

    Rockford sundown and other brands that have been mentioned a good amps, however I would never compare them to a Mcintosh audison zapco tru or any of the kind.
  4. Fiercetimbo17

    Recone 13W7

    Have not heard anything from REL but ive heard a couple SVS, actually its funny you mentioned that we did a system with some wilson alexendreas and 3 svs pb12s and he ended up changing to 3 gothams MY take on the wilsons, is they sound very good but at the price point I would perfer some natalusis or gensis 201's The wilsons were being run by MAC 1201's so power was not the issue.
  5. Fiercetimbo17

    Boxless Subs?

    Infinite baffle. I have my sub running ib and love it
  6. Fiercetimbo17

    Recone 13W7

    Anything with JL turns into pages of retards everytime... However my work is a McIntosh velodyne b&w JL paradigm and triad dealer and the fathom or Gotham (13w7) is the best sounding sub I've ran across there is no comparasion period. Any many others agree with me including ce pro magazine and servral other notable places.
  7. Fiercetimbo17

    I think this proves my amps way underrated

    The only thing that it proves is you have no idea what you are talking about..
  8. Fiercetimbo17

    WTB: Cable Modem

    I have a d link dcm 202 cable modem
  9. Fiercetimbo17

    Running 6 on 4ch?

  10. Fiercetimbo17

    can speaker wire be used as power wire?

    Not entirely correct, the load capacity of wire depends solely on length of the wire. You would be fine running 20+ amps on 12 gauge is the run of wire was only a foot, however a typical 15 foot run to the trunk of a vehicle you are correct you will have some fire in your future.
  11. Fiercetimbo17

    Chi Straightener

    That is not your pic you stole that from google, is this a athuentic one or a fake like the LV purse you sold?
  12. Fiercetimbo17

    Louis Vuitton Purse

    I have bought a few LV purses and a couple wallets, that is 100%$ fake, it is extremely obvious, dont even wait for anything just file a claim and get your money back.
  13. Fiercetimbo17

    Fs: Angel A1 fly w/ CP tank and extras

    Sold, too bad i never used it
  14. Fiercetimbo17

    Fs: Angel A1 fly w/ CP tank and extras

    bump bump
  15. Fiercetimbo17

    Fs: Angel A1 fly w/ CP tank and extras

    bump make me an offer