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  1. An older Alpine amp I bought a pair of PAC SNI-1 ground loop isolators and plugged them into my Headunit's preamps to see if that would help... it didn't do anything. The whine is still there. The whine also gets proportionately louder when the car is on and you rev it
  2. I'm having a problem with noise coming out of my speakers when the head unit isn't even playing music. I'll describe the symptoms as best I can to hopefully isolate and narrow down the possible issue? 1.) With the ignition in ACC mode, no music playing, there is a faint static/white noise type of sound coming from the speakers 2.) With the ignition turned to On, no music playing, there is a louder, higher pitched whine from the speakers. I recorded the video below to capture the noise: My set up is 4 speakers, front and rear, subwoofer, an external Amplifier in the back trunk, aftermarket head unit. Any help would be much appreciated
  3. Farkel

    What Type of Alpine Connector is This?

    From the other thread, I need to find a single DIN deck that has a small reverse camera capable screen in it, no flip outs, etc. due to the compact interior. And the JVC deck is the only one that fits the bill
  4. Farkel

    What Type of Alpine Connector is This?

    Yeah I plan on just ripping the old IMPRINT and Alpine deck out altogether. The problem still remains on how best to connect 3 RCAs into a new JVC deck that only supports 1 RCA channel... and this is the only deck I can buy. Is there like... an RCA joiner or something? Pic of said Exige 😎
  5. Farkel

    What Type of Alpine Connector is This?

    Thanks for the info unfortunately the only HU I can go with that has a reverse camera screen on it and is a true Single DIN is the JVC I was talking about with its 1 Preout.. I feel like this is a balancing act now. Is there another elegant way to deal with getting my 3 preouts down to one, without the Imprint? Or maybe there’s a way to leave the imprint and convert its AI-Net connector?
  6. I am looking to change out and update my current Alpine headunit (circa 2010) with a more modern JVC headunit. After digging through my current system and wiring, I noticed that my amplifier's 3 pairs of RCA cables (front, rear, and subwoofer) are all tied into this Alpine "PXA-H100 IMPRINT" module that appears to join the channels together and processes equalization... and at the other end, into the headunit, is this cable: What is that connector called? Do modern day Alpine headunits still have that port? If I do end up with the JVC headunit... aside from most likely not having that connection and thus requiring me to ditch the Imprint module, is that I will need to somehow tie my current 3 Pre-Outs into just 1, which is all the JVC has. What's the best way to handle this? THANKS
  7. Thanks, so the connection type for rear view cameras hasn't changed much in the past 5-7 years? What Single DIN head units are out there nowawadays that support a screen and you can recommend? Also the car is a Lotus Exige S :)
  8. So the sound system that was installed in my car is a bit dated now but still sounds great, however, I do want to upgrade at least the headunit and keep the rest of the components in place... including the speakers, amp, and the rear view camera. The headunit currently in place is an older flip out Alpine and this Alpine rear view camera was wired through my car: I DON'T want to redo and re-run any of the wiring. Ideally, I'd upgrade the headunit and still be able to plug in the existing rear view camera but I'm not sure that I can? Unless they make adapters to plug in these older rear view cameras? Speaking of the headunit, does Alpine make a Single DIN that has a small screen on it for the rear view like JVC and Parrot do? Obviously if I go with a different brand other than Alpine, I fear I'm going to have an even harder time connecting up the rear view camera.