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  1. chillin

    Need Help With Sub and Amp Combo

    If the sub is dual 2 ohm, you can wire it to 1 or 4. That amp could be bridged at 4 ohm to give you 800w according to the specs, though I doubt those numbers are accurate. I haven't used those amps before so have no idea. I personally would get a decent class D monoblock that gives you 1000w@1ohm. A class D will also be more efficient, so less taxing on your electrical system assuming you are getting the same power from both amps.
  2. So 4cf would be a nice middle ground for a little boom and still here double kicks on metal songs? Thanks for all the answers btw, this sight is way quieter than when I used to frequent it.
  3. The amp will be a crossfire vr1000D for quite a while.
  4. That's a fairly broad size difference. If I tune to 37, what kind of difference am I getting with a box that's 3cf compared to 5?
  5. I don't have the truck yet, just looking for the future. I don't mind taking up space in the back seat. The sub has been sitting in my basement for 8 or 9 years. bnib, plans changed and I never got a chance to use it, had to get something smaller, but I want to build a box for it that is correct for the sub.
  6. Supercrew f150, Rock, metal and rap for the most part. Right now i have a 1200 watt amp, may upgrade to 2500 in he future depending if I want more bass and want to spend the extra on electrical upgrades.
  7. Cubic feet, port size and tune? I'm still too much of a newb to understand what to do with these numbers, but I know some smart guys out there will know the answer. I do have a recommended box from the owner of the company, but when he told me the numbers, I had limited space in my car, so not sure if they would stay the same since I can go bigger now. Fs = 39.91 Hz Re = 3.70 ohms[dc] Qt = 0.35 Qes = 0.39 Qms = 3.90 Mms = 250.57 grams Rms = 16.100405 kg/s Cms = 0.000063 m/N Vas = 50.79 liters Sd= 754.77 cm^2 Bl = 24.398737 Tm Lp(2.83V/1m) = 94.46 dB
  8. Yes. If you have 2 components (woofer and tweeter) you will need 2 crossovers. Generally you'd put the crossover in each door.
  9. chillin

    Adding a single din to newer f150

    Thanks for the responses. I'm pretty sure there was a kit for the 13-14 model, that's why I was asking. Guess I'll look at double dins.
  10. It's been a long time since I've been on these forums as i've only had a motorcycle for the quite a few years, but looking at getting a 2016+ f150 in the next few months. It seems like the only way to upgrade stereos in these is with a line out off the stock radio. I quite like the stuff I had in my old vehicle and would prefer to use it. I have a kenwood x995 HU and like it a lot. Basically I want to run a sub amp and component amp off of that HU with new speaker wire and speakers, completely ignoring the factory stuff, but want to keep the touch screen in the dash. Has anyone done this? I can't seem to find a single din kit that keeps the factory touch screen. Anywhere else that people have mounted single dins to keep the dash looking as stock as possible?