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  1. R/T Pimp

    cerwin vega center channel

    Pm me your bottom price, I may take it for my bedroom.
  2. R/T Pimp


    How about you contact the folks in my sig. Several of them know Miles personally and myself.
  3. R/T Pimp


    Are you f*cking kidding me.
  4. R/T Pimp

    great price on a IDMAX12-D2

    Let me know I can give you my cell number or my shop number.
  5. R/T Pimp

    So...is she dead???

    Get your DMM out and make sure you are actually getting ground and power out of the constant and switched supplies. That will quickly answer your question.
  6. R/T Pimp

    great price on a IDMAX12-D2

    Wow I can easily beat that price. PM me and I will give you my phone number. And yes I am an authorized dealer.
  7. R/T Pimp

    Wall Help With Vents

    You have it completely wrong for spl. First what kind of vehicle is it? What subs? What power?
  8. R/T Pimp

    Need help choosing between 3 sub companies

    Treo hands down, if you decide different go with IA. Shocker naw.
  9. I have used and owned classics, alphas, alpha comps, and I was far from impressed with the product. Try it and decide for yourself that is what I did and I promise I will never buy another RD piece again.
  10. Post pics and price and if you are interested in trading need asap.
  11. Looking for a mint dvd, cd receiver single din no screen of quality, no boss or etc. Please post pics, asking price and if you are interested in trading.
  12. R/T Pimp

    night shades or dc?

  13. R/T Pimp

    good sq/monster low end... sealed?

    Treo SSP is your answer.
  14. R/T Pimp

    Thinking about 8s - How would it compare to 12s?

    Are we actually comparing Kicker to DD. Wow I am not a DD fan, but Kicker. Seriously? If you really want something nice that gets low, loud, and sounds good all at the same time look into a pair of Treo SSi 8s. I pulled just about a 140 with 1 8" SSi and 1000 watts in a daily box that got low. This was in a 4 door Jimmy with the sub all the way in the rear.
  15. R/T Pimp

    What setup and way to go??

    Forgot the the kicker garbage.