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  1. JL Audio

    Build time on SSA subs

    I've dealt with everyone on this forum ( apart from you ) at one time or another.. ssa has been the most professional and best i've dealt with of any audio company both directly msging them in some form or contacting via email. Still plan to pick up an evil again one day.. one of the few beasts I never touched.
  2. I 100% the awesomeness of your stuff :P, happy to hear it going well.
  3. should be 10" correct from what i've seen everyone else say on them in other threads selling them. not totally sure and nothing here to measure with, took a very thick 4" coil though. I tried looking up previous info on them as I haven't had it for months and months. got them from rusty at dc and he was using them on one of the newer lvl6s if I recall.
  4. Appreciate the info I was having trouble getting it. Rca business still going good? Still have a pair I'll never part with from ya
  5. wth, used to having a form here.. it didn't load or something, anyhow.. have two of these.. used obviously from 2 Soundstream XXX 15" subwoofers. planned to put some SMD motors on them after I sold my last two subs ( RF t3 19s ).. then got out of audio all together lol. these have sat beside my quad alt bracket I have for sale since that time. need to get them out of the house as i'll never use them for anything. price: 45 each shipped pics: Feedback: http://www.caraudio.com/forums/member.php?u=32053
  6. Item(s) for Sale: FS: QUAD ALT BRACKET BNIB from DCPOWERINC Item(s) Description/Condition: item has never been opened .. well except for in a minute when I take a picture. I bought this for my 2003 avalanche 5.3 v8 vortec. it seems like DC's site is down now? or I can't get it to load with four different browsers so I gave up. I paid 684.94 for this and I never get back what I paid even if it's not been touched so I decided to give someone a deal on it as I no longer have an avalanche or truck in general. I am not sure what all this fits as I can't bring up the site at the moment but i'd think silverado's and GMs near the same year should work, it has GM in the model number so go figure. Someone may be able to chime in on it with better knowledge regarding it. As stated this is the full kit as they sell on their site or did.. still dunno why the site is down for me. regardless I traded the vehicle in a while back and never used this it's sat in my house on a shelf since I got it and I decided, I need to get rid of what little audio I have left and be done with it. Price: 600.00 shipped Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Price is shipped BLAH Item Pictures: feedback thread though anyone that knows me knows I have damned near 1000+ refs or over before I got out of audio. I do have a negative feedback from some tard that never bought nor sold anything from me or to me, he just got butthurt or the way I spoke on a forum and left me feedback, goob and mods won't remove it no matter how much I report it so **** it. http://www.caraudio.com/forums/member.php?u=32053 (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less than 10 positive feedbacks with the i-Trader system or less than 10 references that you have sold to in the past. (These must be listed in your signature, or a link provided to a feedback thread listing these references)).
  7. I have this huge comical response typed to send back regarding all this yada yada about me turning each of your statements around on you ( except the world champion thing, who cares? ) and after dying of laughter I decided to just do something like: Me: You: Yup. Pretty sure if you scroll up there I literally just said that to you. That was my exact response. How the **** does that even get an lol at the end? lol indeed. nty on the gfy. I have standards not even I meet. Gotta set the bar you know. Have morals. Got em' stressing all up in hur'. I was highly surprised to wake up to that "childish" behavior from him. Didn't seem like him at all but I guess he's mad or some **** no one cares about. It's all $$$ to some people who need to overcompensate I suppose. ( don't assume people are talking about you ) whoever is reading this.. lulz right? EDIT: Actually how mad would it make you knowing I just close the thread so you can't respond Evan? Snap! THESE ARE STILL FOR SALE, having a manchild arguement so just being awesome as usual and doing stuff like closing the thread.
  8. I'm sure that crushed his spirits. Good...for you I mean of course.
  9. Hopefully you won't get the cracked slug one. Happy for you if you feel it was a good deal on your end.
  10. Everyone was just assuming you were trying to pawn off those ****** thunders. Kinda sad I had to explain that to you. I think you're a ******* loser anyhow and its your blunt attitude and how you act in convos. How about that broski? Where are you in your mind saying I said any woofer would outperform another? Grasp at straws more just to say bwahaha and such.. Cause I clearly said ddz for cf tgods was retarded.. And many agreed. Amazing huh? Lulz though Gotta do that sleep thing now.. You know.. Work then sleep.
  11. Withdrew offer immediately cause you were suckered in by rarity blah. No biggie these will go somewhere. Hispls needs to go give me stuffs for them. I know he has stuffs somewhere.
  12. Yours were a lot easier to recone.. Thundergods... Eh collect some good dust. Everyone tried to tell you but as I see it you learn by doing on your own right? That's life . I was trying to do a trade with you as long as shipping was confirm to be covered and I was going to see if you'd shipped them to Corey but you traded. As I said earlier to get those subs back evan told Jon he'd only part out with them back to him. He lied and to me that says something about a person's character at that point.. I don't see it right. Jfkreloaded but different spelling or numbers had them from me and was supposed to be only person to get them back..
  13. Hope Evan told him about where the issue jes42 had with them spider landing I think it was.. Something like that came loose and had to be reglued thus why they look so rough..