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  1. whitemax

    Very Rare old school ALPINE Parametric EQ

    Very nice piece! Wish I had use for it. GLWS
  2. whitemax

    NVX JAD800.4 4 channel amplifier

    Tarantula Nano TN4.900D I ran a TN1.1200D & TN2.600D as well.
  3. whitemax

    NVX JAD800.4 4 channel amplifier

    I've used the Soundstream version of these amps & had good results with them. I would double check the gain settings as suggested.
  4. Nice old school gear. Wish these guys were still in the game.
  5. whitemax

    What are some very good speaker brands?

    What's the point of having a system if you can't turn it up? I've always taken pride in the fact that whether you listen to my system at normal listening levels or turn it up loud, that it maintains its composure. I don't think things will be different with those drivers that I've mentioned. Take the TG9 for example, similar to the TC9, I used that midrange for a while. That little thing could get pretty loud & it still sounded good. Those can be picked up for $50 for the pair. I think the TC9 gets overlooked because of its price point, but it performs like a much much more expensive driver.
  6. whitemax

    What are some very good speaker brands?

    Ha! The tweeters I plann on getting are the XT25SC90-04, good sounding tweeters, specially when used in a 3 way application. The midrange driver will be the TC9FD-18-08, a very good sounding driver, specially considering its price. The seats both solid drivers. Review for the TC9.... Vifa TC9 - 3" Midrange/Widebander REVIEW/Measurements - Car Audio | DiyMobileAudio.com | Car Stereo Forum
  7. whitemax

    What are some very good speaker brands?

    When done properly, installation & tuning play a huge part in getting good sound. My next car will have inexpensive midbass, midrange, & tweeters. The midrange drivers & tweeters come in at $70. Want to see what I can get out of that system.
  8. whitemax

    DSP confusion- please help a noob

    No problem. Let us know how this unit works out for you.
  9. whitemax

    DSP confusion- please help a noob

    You may want to look into this thread....lots of info for the Harmony/DSP-88R. PPI DSP-88R Help - Car Audio | DiyMobileAudio.com | Car Stereo Forum
  10. whitemax

    DSP confusion- please help a noob

    There are many people that are very happy with their Helix DSP-Pro units. Of the ones you have listed, that would be my choice. Stay away from the Soundstream Harmony/PPI DSP-88R....these units are not miniDSP based & have had a lot of issues. The PPI DEQ.8 and Soundstream Synthes are solid units, were miniDSP based, but are no longer in production.
  11. whitemax

    Sq compents

    Do you already have your amp for the components? If not you could look into a 4ch amp that has a bandpass filter. This will allow you to get raw drivers as Souldrop has mentioned. Buying raw drivers can get you nice speakers at very good prices.
  12. whitemax

    Best cheap Soft Dome Tweeter around 50$?

    That would make a difference in how they sound. Same as with my Scan R3004's, ring radiator tweeters need to be on axis to get the best out of them. I actually have a pair of XT25's as backups. In my next install I will definitely use the XT25's, as well as the Vifa TC9 midrange drivers. Brand new that set up only costs $70, but you get a lot of performance out of it, especially considering the price. Midbass will be another inexpensive driver. I want to see how good I can make an inexpensive setup sound. These are not "cheap" drivers by any means, just inexpensive.
  13. whitemax

    Just curious about amp SQ

    From my understanding, slew rate & damping factor is not really that big of deal with modern amplifiers.
  14. whitemax

    Just curious about amp SQ

    The Arc Audio amp that the OP mentioned is a solid amplifier. I've run many Arc Audio amplifiers over the years & have had great luck with them. As long as you have a decent amplifier, there are other factors that will have much greater influence in the sound within your vehicle. I tend to focus more on installation, drivers, & tuning...properly executing these things will play a bigger role than what amplifier you run. Flea market brands excluded. The last amps I've run were Rockford Power Series, Audison LRx, Arc Audio XXK, & Boston GT. I am now running inexpensive Tarantula Nanos. This was my first venture into fullrange class D amps, & I'm pretty happy with their performance. I may change them out later as I tend to do that, but it's not because of their sound signature.
  15. whitemax

    Best cheap Soft Dome Tweeter around 50$?

    Were the XT25's installed on axis?