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  1. Papermaker85

    Pioneer avh-4800bs

    pioneer ah-4800bs 300 bucks at a local store. Decided I wanted a touch screen. 3 way network capable. DVD player bluetooth usb etc.. Initial Impressions Inputs/Outputs On the back the layout is overall simple to ID. layout as far as physical placement on the RCAs on the other hand is tight. I have the stinger 8000 series RCAs that have the threaded locking Rca connectors and it was TIGHT to get them all in.. Start from the bottom rca left output(white) work your way up and then repeat.. Everything else is standard. Long USB adaptor and looks and feels overall solid for the price point. Honestly I was very scared it would sound like crap and be slow. Interface I have to admit I really love how it is laid out. Its super easy. All butll**** aside a young kid could use it. Its by far the easiest and being able to save your favorite settings it takes two presses to get anywhere! Settings and favorites and you can store other settings without going through all the menus or scrolling. I have my crossover settings and a few others I can't recall. Changing sources is easy from a drop down type menu. Playing files from my cheap LG because I managed to duck 2 Samsung s6 phones up requires bloothtooth but its fine. You just open up your media player and you can use the CD player to do the rest. The radio has excellent reception. Aftermarket radios are infamous for shiity radio reception, pioneer in my experience has always been good.. I can't comment on the applink or USB drive yet. I left my **** drive at home so I'm kind fucked.. It does support FLAC which I don't care what anyone says gives you greater transparency and a lower noise floor when using aftermarket amps and realivitly highend equipment. Which honestly if you got a decent name brand amp they are more than revealing on the compressed recordings. Features EQ- standard 13 band EQ. Nothing spectacular but it does pretty good granted you don't just drop components in and expect euphoria. Its standardized so not left right or isolate output control.. Crossovers- You have two modes STANDARD where you have your typical 50hz to 200hz hpf from front rear and sub. 6 12 18 and 24 if I remember correctly. Nothing special. NETWORK mode- you have several x over points and slopes. Its setup as fronts hpf from off and1.6khz to 12.5khz. Both have slopes adjustable from -6 to -24db. The mid has a lowpass filter 1.6khz to 12.5khz. Sub is 25 to 250 with slopes from -6 to -36db. All the slopes are common slopes typically used and it offers plenty options to tune a 3way setup with not external processing. One gripe is the crossover is standaridized and its not variable between outputs or chchannels BUT honestly any decently installed speakers with some simple steps like giving the proper air space, dampening panels and something simple like a 6x6 egg carton case behind the drivers with a tad of polyfill will really null any nasty resonances absorb any standing waves and breakup refracting waves that may impede the driver. These simple things will creating enhance the midbass/range drivers most apparent issues and tuning will be a matter of correlating phase between drivers and finding the drivers ideal bandwidth.. That being said the unit is more than capable of building a reference 3 way system if you put the effort to do so! Overall That being said once I get everything done I'll give more feedback. Needless to say am abit shocked this unit performs so admireabilly its everything I needed in a unit. Honestly you can build a **** nice system with this unit. Its beautiful, responsive, easy to use and sounds just fine with a good input format. Don't miss a chance to buy a unit that is being phased out and is truly a great unit..
  2. Papermaker85

    Guess Papermaker's SPL score thread

    No. It means that it wasn't setup for meca assclown
  3. Papermaker85

    Calling out @Hertz Mafia

    If his score was headrest scantioned I still wouldn't pay. I told him send your money to a neutral part. He was to ***** to do so.
  4. Papermaker85

    Calling out @Hertz Mafia

    Only thing wrong with the phone is the camera. Why use the other new phone and **** it up? It's a backup I use to take pics.
  5. Papermaker85

    Calling out @Hertz Mafia

    Dude shut the **** up. Like I'm do head rest to outlaw. I don't give a **** if you ban me. This place is full of morons.
  6. Papermaker85

    Guess Papermaker's SPL score thread

    No excuses. Just room for improvement moron. I was at idle tuned 5hz to high and put the meter on the port side. It will meter better. I know this much it hurts more the the others in my class
  7. Papermaker85

    Calling out @Hertz Mafia

    Never took the bet. Two different formats and he has yet to post a scantioned score
  8. Papermaker85

    Calling out @Hertz Mafia

    If you want to believe that load of **** go right ahead. Just know next show it will be higher. This is the lowest score you will ever see.
  9. Papermaker85

    Calling out @Hertz Mafia

    To stupid to notice I have two phones? I use this one because I rarely take pictures.
  10. Papermaker85

    Guess Papermaker's SPL score thread

    I went out the night before. Was awake till 5. Haha got up at 11. Didn't make it till 3. Did one pass. Not familiar with meca. Next time I'll do radical x too
  11. Papermaker85

    Guess Papermaker's SPL score thread

    Bro. I didn't give a ****. I kept it tuned to 43 because I actually do other stuff in my free time. When I feel like tweaking it I will. I have to work on the roof and seal the sunroof first I'm just tired of ******* with it.
  12. Papermaker85

    Calling out @Hertz Mafia

    Potato much?
  13. Papermaker85

    Calling out @Hertz Mafia

    1. You never took the bet. All I asked was you do a scantioned even and send your money to a netural party. The rest is up to you. You dondone none of the above. I'll wait. Get a head rest score (which you will do better at) until then I'm going to retune so it's gonna be much closer to 155 next time.
  14. Papermaker85

    Calling out @Hertz Mafia

    I'll borrow it.if you gonna send it send it.
  15. Papermaker85

    Calling out @Hertz Mafia

    No **** **** tards. Head rest it's totally different not to mention I was tuned for usaci and metered on the drivers side.