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  1. Can you check shipping to 07080 and give me a total price.
  2. nismos14

    No audio from radio

    When does it work? Does it work when you're on radio input, but not on others? If so, you have you need to connect your remote wire where your antenna wire is connected to get the OEM amplifier integrated and turning on.
  3. nismos14

    best budget subwoofers

    Image Dynamics CTX128 12" Single 8 ohm CTX Subwoofer
  4. no pics or anything sheesh.
  5. nismos14

    What's your opinion on these

    I'm sure the JBL's will be fine. Set them up properly in the right box and they will do well.
  6. nismos14

    Pioneer AVICZ110BT

  7. It can be used in a trunk install as well. We can discuss price, if it doesn't work out you always have the amazon option