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  1. icpurplepplalot

    Fs 15'' lnib d2 aq/sq hdc3

  2. icpurplepplalot

    Fs 15'' lnib d2 aq/sq hdc3

  3. icpurplepplalot

    Fs 15'' lnib d2 aq/sq hdc3

  4. icpurplepplalot

    Fs 15'' lnib d2 aq/sq hdc3

  5. icpurplepplalot

    Fs 15'' lnib d2 aq/sq hdc3

    Item(s) for Sale: 15'' Audioque/Soundqubed HDC3 Dual 2 ohms copper coil Item(s) Description/Condition: This sub is in immaculate condition, pretty much like brand new. Had it it a buddy's truck for not even a month on an aq1200, so it hasn't seen much power or any abuse. Looks brand new, zero scuffs, super stiff suspension, yadda yadda. I have lots of refs, and have done plenty of decent sized deals on here for way more money in the past, so no worries on that end. Any questions, feel free to ask. Price: 280 shipped to continental U.S. Plus pp fees, or you can gift the money to me. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Shipping is included, and will ship either ups or fed ex with insurance and tracking, in original box from aq. Item Pictures:
  6. icpurplepplalot

    Problems with TheBatteryMan

  7. That's more than brand new from aq..... Not to mention you only have 12 posts, zero feedback, and zero pictures, which should include your screen name and the date....
  8. icpurplepplalot

    Rd Heavyweights 3krms beefy 10's

    Suspension just loose on them? Or is it something more since they'll be needing reconed soon? May be interested in 1 of them.
  9. icpurplepplalot

    FS- Beastly Custom 8's Need Gone ASAP

    I was about to say haha, still quite the bad *** 8'', and am still amazed to see it. Sorry for cluttering up your thread.
  10. icpurplepplalot

    FS- Beastly Custom 8's Need Gone ASAP

    That a trf motor on the white basket sub?
  11. icpurplepplalot

    mike of tulsa

    He has some way of getting on the internet as I see him browsing ct.... Are you fucking kidding me....
  12. icpurplepplalot

    WTB a new db drive pd2000.1

    Not seeing a problem here :shrug:
  13. ****, a buddy of mine could really use this and it would make a pretty **** good christmas present. I hate to be like everyone else and say that if it is still here in a week or so I'll pick it up, but actually mean it unlike others...
  14. Doesn't matter what you post up, the only thing that matters is the device with your username and date. You want to sell here, than play by the rules, simple as that.
  15. It shows that you actually own the device instead of you potentially scamming someone....derp