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Imtjnotu's Feedback

  1. SubbinNCali left Positive feedback   

    Awesome dude! Great communication!

    Imtjnotu was The Seller

  2. phunky.buddha left Positive feedback for a topic   

    FS: PG RSd 65cs components, PG RSd 6 coaxials
    Good direct communication, quick payment. Thanks!

    Imtjnotu was Trading

  3. myjaja left Positive feedback for a topic   

    FS Tmobile GS3
    Smooth transaction!

    Imtjnotu was The Seller

  4. Skoty422 left Positive feedback   

    Great guy to deal with. Helped me out on many occasions. Thanks

    Imtjnotu was The Seller

  5. THATpurpleKUSH left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Post 1000 gets a 30pack of brew on me
    would not hesitate to do another transaction

    Imtjnotu was Trading

  6. Smitty left Positive feedback   

    gives good road head

    Imtjnotu was The Seller

  7. ssteele18 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    30FT of Shok 1/0 for sale
    Great transaction! Quick Shipping! Recommend!

    Imtjnotu was The Seller

  8. sacsking916 left Positive feedback   

    great buyer here. love this guy

    Imtjnotu was Trading

  9. mylows10 left Positive feedback   

    great guy here

    Imtjnotu was Trading

  10. audiobaun left Positive feedback   

    As described,Quickly shipped, and Great Communication as well! Thanks!!

    Imtjnotu was The Seller

  11. RangerDangerV2 left Positive feedback   

    awesome seller

    Imtjnotu was The Seller

  12. The_Grimy_One left Positive feedback   

    Another Great Transaction!

    Imtjnotu was The Seller

  13. OmegaBunny left Positive feedback   

    Fast payment, good dude to deal with!

    Imtjnotu was Trading

  14. QuietEclipse29 left Positive feedback   

    good guy here paid after recieving product

    Imtjnotu was Trading

  15. skitzafit left Positive feedback   

    arrived as described even got some kool aid. good guy here A+

    Imtjnotu was The Seller

  16. Spooney left Positive feedback for a topic   

    FS: Mmats 2000.05
    Great Trader!! Very Understanding and kept in great communication!!

    Imtjnotu was Trading

  17. infamous_e46 left Positive feedback   

    umad cuz I woo'ed u wit that good deck

    Imtjnotu was Trading

  18. The_Grimy_One left Positive feedback   

    Another Great Transaction...

    Imtjnotu was Trading

  19. UMWDawg92 left Positive feedback   

    Great guy, fast shipping, exactly as described, great seller here!

    Imtjnotu was The Seller

  20. The_Grimy_One left Positive feedback   

    Very Honest Dude, Communication is A+

    Imtjnotu was Trading

  21. ThumpinTitan left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTT Hipower Soundstream 4ch for?
    Excellent Person to do Transaction With, Fast Payment Great Communication!!

    Imtjnotu was Trading

  22. xxxbasshead left Positive feedback   

    good dude

    Imtjnotu was The Seller

  23. nyysr left Positive feedback   

    very good seller

    Imtjnotu was The Seller

  24. 05fronty left Positive feedback   

    2 channel autotek amp

    Imtjnotu was The Seller

  25. heymynameisfred left Positive feedback for a topic   

    FS: 7" Dayton Woofers
    minor hickup from shipping, but imtjnotu made it right!

    Imtjnotu was The Seller