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  1. Where do I send paypal payment too?
  2. ebrunn

    audison SRX 4 for $450?

    Wanna get this amp authorized, and the only place around my house that sells them is charging $450 for the amp. Is that too much? Kinda hesitant to get it off woofersetc for $250.
  3. Houston has some that would be closer.
  4. ebrunn

    Onkyo TX-SR606

    That Denon looks really nice.
  5. ebrunn

    Onkyo TX-SR606

    Right now I have the Logitech Z-5500 5.1 setup but am looking to upgrade at least the receiver and the sub for now. Was looking at the Onkyo 606 and it looks pretty nice. Has support for 7.1 and DD True-HD and DTS HD-MA. I have a Xbox 360 along with a PS3 so that would be my main sources of media for it. I Was reading about it and the only knock is the internal video conversion on it. My Samsung tv is only 720p anyways so I dont think I would be using it anyways. Budget is around $350-400 for the receiver so this falls right in line. Anybody had any experience with this model. Mainly just want it for sound processing.
  6. ebrunn

    Gawt **** rpm noise

    Could try playing a iPod or something though the amp directly.
  7. ebrunn

    Gawt **** rpm noise

    Know you dont have a Pioneer but maybe a fuse of some sort blew for the RCA's on the deck. Just happend for the second time on my 880. Did you figure out if the source of the loop is the deck or the amp yet?
  8. ebrunn

    Allen/Hex Set Screws

    I'd switch them out to regular phillips while your at it.
  9. ebrunn

    TeamSubGoPoof not scammer, just late shipping

    Might not scam, but sure sucks ass at shipping things
  10. ebrunn

    Big 3 / Civic Si / Photos

    active FTW
  11. ebrunn

    2008 Honda Civic Hybrid Install

    You'll love the Tundra. My dad just got one for his work. Loves it. The V8 is badass. Tons of room in the back.
  12. ebrunn

    Big 3 / Civic Si / Photos

    What kind of camera you got? SLR? Pics look amazing.
  13. ebrunn

    How much Damplifier should I buy?

    length x width
  14. ebrunn

    $700 for deadening

    I have a 99 VW New Beetle and would like to silence the hell out of the thing. Engine noise is a big issue. All comes from the general area of the transmission/firewall. Very loud when driving about 70 on the highway. Also have a stereo of course and would like to deaden and treat for that as well. Already have a layer of second skin in the trunk area. Truck lid and trim panel are deadened as well. Guess I would like to spend about $700 on deadening. How far could I go with that? Would like to do doors pretty hardcore(just got these new ID OEM mids). Prolly the floor pretty hardcore as well to cut the noise.
  15. ebrunn

    guy building boxes on ebay

    guy uses way to many screws