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    lay back dude
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    Illinois the city
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    motocycle, car audio
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    ALPINE HU 9884 ALPINE MRP-F300 4ch AMP PIONEER 4way 6X8
  1. audioqueboy

    Audioque 3500.1 @ .5 Daily?

    i ran mines at .5ohm you must have the electrical.
  2. audioqueboy

    Wts: Ipod video

    Show me pics that it work i will buy it for 65 shipped
  3. Millertime1028, is a great person to buy from shipped my aq amp out right away. Good person,buy from him I did lol
  4. audioqueboy

    WTB 9512f or F motor

    this going to be the TEAM THIS UPCOMING SEASON
  5. audioqueboy

    WTB 9512f or F motor

    ttt for my boy
  6. audioqueboy

    WTB 9512f or F motor

    Lol Team Dd Boys
  7. audioqueboy

    WTB 9512f or F motor

    i want a f motor
  8. I like it too and it seen like koopa is happy with it.:)
  9. It was nice meeting everyone. I want to thank my boys for coming down, best birthday gift ever.
  10. I dont like NONE of yall LOL QOA
  11. Is jose coming down????????????