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  1. 05fronty

    SoundQubed Black Friday Sales Released

    I'm getting a couple of Dem 2200's mon for my to twelfs
  2. 05fronty

    SoundQubed Black Friday Sales Released

    C2 audio amps do rated
  3. 05fronty

    c2 audio

    Mine hits the lows just fine
  4. 05fronty

    How does this do rated???

  5. 05fronty

    Bwap scammer ?

    This is why I drink
  6. 05fronty

    fs Shark Audio 2500

    Still good price for around 1500 clean watts
  7. 05fronty

    Is a Hifonics Brutus a "good enough" amp?

    Look into a mb quart discus or onyx also
  8. 05fronty

    Deal between Spooney and trenton

    Wow worthless spooney
  9. 05fronty

    Funky Pups!!

    Information and most of the Specifications are Limited due to Government Regulations and control of this Product. By purchasing this product you more than likely will gain respect from everyone around you. You will not only become the talk of the town but also will gain street credit amongst the local Car Audio Guru's, Street Hustla's, Common Thug's and your Friends Cousins Baby Momma. This also includes but is not limited to everyone else envying your sheer existence. Many lucky enthusiasts have experienced the sheer destruction that can be caused from the use of a Funky Pup woofers. (At least I have read this on Forums....) So now is your chance to own this technological marvel. WARNING: You must use at your own risk and with Severe CAUTION! Damage to others including property and loss of life can come from misuse of this product.
  10. 05fronty

    Funky Pups!!

    Link I wanna build a wall