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  1. SocMunky

    Old School Roll Call

    Soooo....yeah? This place is still a thing?
  2. SocMunky

    Phoenix Gold Cyclone For Sale! BNIB

    Uh...its been 7 years. I mean.....it could be around still, but I really really doubt it.
  3. SocMunky

    whats the best perk of your job (or jobs)

    Sometimes I even take a nap cause I'm olds.
  4. SocMunky

    whats the best perk of your job (or jobs)

    I get paid really well and wake up....eh...sometime after 8, put on a fluffy robe and piggy slippers and roll upstairs, check my mail and chat with people before shit starts going down. InfoSec is a fantastic field.
  5. SocMunky

    Crunk Flammable Jello Times

    Just because.
  6. SocMunky

    What does your desk look like?

  7. Jesus has it really been that long? ****....
  8. SocMunky

    pioneer deh-80prs

    If only it had SiriusXM
  9. SocMunky


    I would recommend posting in the main subwoofer section, this is the for sale area. Couple things to be ready to answer, ported or sealed boxes and how did you set your gains on the fosgate amp?
  10. SocMunky

    Sundown yardsale

  11. SocMunky

    TC OEM 10s....anyone?

    Man......it's insane how hard these things are to find If you ever change your mind...let me know!
  12. SocMunky

    TC OEM 10s....anyone?

    [quote name='macsdad']Imjtnotu has those tc built lightning audio 10s.[/QUOTE] Those may be what I am looking for, as the oems were basically the same sub with a different cone...[COLOR="Silver"] [SIZE=1]---------- Post added at 08:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:58 PM ----------[/SIZE] [/COLOR][quote name='whitedragon551']If anyone would have them it would be @ciaonzo‎[/QUOTE] Yeah...I *think* I might have asked him before....can't be sure though.
  13. Been searching for a while, no luck yet. Anyone have one? Or a set? Let me throw money at you.
  14. SocMunky

    Stereo Integrity TM65 MkII drivers...

    Interested as well. Actually...if you're in central florida I wouldn't mind getting a listen to them if you ever have a spare moment. Tempted to pick this up for my Jetta.