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  1. legendndisguise

    Jbl sale?

    My order just got refunded stating an issue with inventory discrepancy.
  2. legendndisguise

    Helix USB Input - looks really cool

  3. legendndisguise

    Welcome back

    Yep, going to have to figure this new layout. That was the best feature in my opinion.
  4. legendndisguise

    Welcome back

    Just a little.
  5. legendndisguise

    Order it straight from Italy.

    Now I'm looking at stuff I don't need.
  6. legendndisguise

    Anybody else in trying to buy a house now?

    One I went and looked at was during the end of demolition and the start of running new electrical and have HVAC ducts put in and all I could do was keep my mouth quiet. The investor kept complaining about the contractors repeatedly. Not something you want to do in front of a potential buyer. Another has been sitting for months and I happened to come across it again and the price has gone up $31k.
  7. legendndisguise

    Anybody else in trying to buy a house now?

    I've been looking since the beginning of the year and am getting frustrated with prices getting jacked up just because, as well as mortgage rates. Seen quite a few house, good amount of investor bought and flips with some shoddy work.
  8. legendndisguise

    Tell a sad story in only 4 words.

    Price, 2 crowns, $3100.
  9. legendndisguise

    Any car brands you'd recommend?

    All of those brands are owned/made by one company (Directed). Viper/Clifford are their top tier alarm and remote start entities. It really depends on the features you want. If you go to directed.com you can select all in one systems, and add other features to it.
  10. legendndisguise

    nav update went bad

    You may need a what is called "testmode.key" to boot into the system and force an update. Look on avic411.com for information.
  11. legendndisguise

    Pioneer Customer Service is Terrible

    Ha, my bad. Just quickly read it and didn't catch that part, long day. I stopped after the statement of being screwed. Glad to see you you were able to write a script for it, wish I understood that kind of stuff.
  12. legendndisguise

    Pioneer Customer Service is Terrible

    Go on eBay, you can find instructions or a way to get it unlocked for around $25. Here is a link, only $13: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Password-Unlock-Removal-Pioneer-AVIC-AVH-4200nex-5200nex-6200nex-7200nex-8200NEX/222695825806?hash=item33d9b4a18e:g:KcYAAOSw5UZY~9Or
  13. Amazing work. Thanks for sharing.
  14. legendndisguise

    AMM-1 Amp Dyno Video of... The Elemental Designs Nine.5

    I couldn't find the original book for the amp. Thought I still had it, even though the box was damaged from a flooding basement a few years ago.
  15. legendndisguise

    AMM-1 Amp Dyno Video of... The Elemental Designs Nine.5

    [quote name='Boomin_tahoe']@legendndisguise if you know, could you lmk please[/QUOTE] Not certain of the source, but found this: Signal to Noise Ratio > 100dBA Variable Input Sensitivity .3 - 8V Remote Variable Input Sensitivity No Variable Low Pass X-Over 50Hz - 4KHz Current & Thermal Protection Yes Remote Bass Equalization Yes Variable Phase Control Yes Master / Slave Option No Efficiency Variable SubSonic Filter N/A Fuse(s) External 1 x 120 Max Current Draw 280 Damping Factor > 300 I am on business travel right now I won't be able to check to see if I still have the book until this weekend.