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  1. AudioXtremes

    Big batts odessy and optima!

    Were these 2 batts hooked together?
  2. 1. Product: MMATs Juggernaut 15" motors and frames. Post DD B motor. Circa 2001. 2. Specs: Standard 8 layer flat alum coil fits great Baskets are 4 spoke vented. 3. Description/Condition: Dirty but no chips or chunks missing. 4. Price: : $200 shipped each or $350 for both. 5. Pictures:
  3. AudioXtremes

    The Offical $150 SPL Challenge w/rules

    To point out that its not gonna work. You either think we're all too stupid to figure that out or your to nieve to think people will do it.
  4. AudioXtremes

    The Offical $150 SPL Challenge w/rules

    You use your own tl? I'll use a funky pup and a jensen 88w chip amp and do a 183. K factor anyone?
  5. Great craftsmanship but I deff wouldn't have put the sub by the port opening like that.
  6. Shits sick mike. Come on man. You know a 166 is easy!
  7. Dude give me my tracking number or something!

  8. AudioXtremes

    largest diameter sub motor that has been made?

    The Adassa SPL18 has a motor thats over 12" in diameter.
  9. Yes I noticed the subs in the port I just thought you were dumb. I would tune them 34-38hz for a nice balance.
  10. Yeah well six subs have an advantage over 2 for the lows.
  11. Also don't make the box too tall and leave 6-8" from hatch.
  12. Civic hatch likes sub up port back for sure. You may get good results with other configurations but this is what I would do. It also likes sub forward port back if you get the subs close to b pillar.
  13. AudioXtremes

    pics of piano finish on mdf

    Care to share how you did it.
  14. AudioXtremes

    What sub is this?

    That is not a tc9 motor at all.