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  1. Item(s) for Sale: Pioneer Premier DEH-P500UB Item(s) Description/Condition: Used. Works. Face is in good cosmetic condition. Previous owner cut the wiring harness short; still plenty of length to add butt splices and pig tails. Missing the trim piece. Comes with a USB cord and auxiliary to 3.5mm cable. Price: $60 shipped. Payment Paypal. Cash. Woodstock, GA. Item Pictures:
  2. you're right. i forgot that RE came out with a all new lineup again. i've owned the really old SE's ('05) and the new"er" style ('10) like the ones you are selling. great subs. feed them rated power and you'll enjoy them for a long time.
  3. rubber boot on magnets + small se logo on cone = "newer" model. edit: unless there's three different models of SE's now. which there might be... in that instance, never mind. free bump.
  4. i'm looking for ID OEMS, RE series or other decently (LOW) priced 6.5's capable of handling POWER. i don't need tweeters, coaxials or crossovers. also, a MT motor for cheap... i've sold a couple of MT's (with baskets) for under 200 bucks shipped (check my history, waay back). tell me there's someone out there not trying to get rid of one rusting in a basement somewhere??
  5. grassroots

    jl w6 vs kicker l7

    think of this forum as a high school parking lot where social cliques and trends outweigh real world facts and objective opinions. if you want to get loud, the L7 will stomp all over the w6 in terms of loudness especially at the same power levels. if you want to recreate music with the intended fidelity of the producers, go with the w6. or you can go car audio hipster and buy sundown, aq or whatever else the kids like these days...
  6. grassroots

    Eclipse 15" Titanium SW9152

    Where in GA are you? I might local pickup.
  7. grassroots

    FS Blown RF T5002 Power series amp

    still got it.
  8. grassroots

    Optima battery question

    no, they need to be surrounded by water to work correctly. your car doesn't have enough buoyancy to keep the acid levels afloat. they can also only start motors on boats. boat motors are much different from car motors because they're in boats. hope this helps. the only difference between blue and yellow is that blue has extra posts on top iirc. they are both deep cycle and are suitable for stereos and starting.
  9. grassroots

    lowering sub impedence?

    here ya go. TA1K0PH8R00KE - OHMITE - RESISTOR, POWER, 8 OHM, 1KW, 10 | Newark just wire that resistor in parallel with the speaker and voila, 4 ohm load.
  10. grassroots

    FS Blown RF T5002 Power series amp

    75 watts RMS x 2 at 4 ohms 150 watts RMS x 2 at 2 ohms (250 watts RMS x 2 at 1 ohm) 300 watts RMS x 1 in bridged mode (at 4 ohms) 500 watts RMS x 1 in bridged mode (at 2 ohms) 1-ohm stable (2-ohm stable in bridged mode) and it's safe to say these power series amps will put out 10% more power than rated. edit: you know it's ready to throw down with 1/0 +and- connections.
  11. Item(s) for Sale: RF T5002 Item(s) Description/Condition: Blown. It has to be something easy to fix... Just a few months after I bought it new it popped the 100A fuse in it. I put in the only other ANL fuse i had (300, big mistake) and it blew up my right door speaker when it turned back on. So it sounds like there's some sort of short circuit on the right speaker channel. Maybe just something conductive fell under or on top of the board?? Unfortunately, it's missing the center piece and it has a crack in the plastic (shown in pic) but it's not real scratched up, just a little dirty. Price: $50 shipped Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: free Item Pictures:
  12. grassroots

    Re Audio Mt Motor

    two days ago you had this "for trade" as a working sub... http://www.caraudio.com/forums/wanting-trade-wtt-car-audio/562249-re-audio-mt-motor-w-fi-btl-recone-12-inch-sub.html#post8242235 and it's not an MT.
  13. For cheap. someone has got to have one laying around collecting dust somewhere...
  14. Item(s) for Sale: optima yellow top d34/78 stinger spv70 Item(s) Description/Condition: optima manufacturing date is 01/06 and has been my starting battery for most of that. spv70 is unknown but is at least a couple or more years younger than the optima. Price: $25 for the optima $50 for the stinger Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: +$25 shipping for each one I'm in woodstock GA and will meet around the north atlanta area for local deals. These have been out of my truck for a day now and they're sitting around 12v's. I'll measure them tomorrow and see if they drop at all. They worked just fine when they were removed but they're obviously reaching the end of their life (the optima is at least).
  15. grassroots

    Kicker SS65.2 component set.

    any separation on the surround? any more RS's laying around for 50 bucks?? thanks