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  1. We are hosting a 1x MECA event in Horsecave Ky. on 11/11 here is the flier hope to see some new faces Bud!![ATTACH=CONFIG]26537030[/ATTACH]
  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]26535606[/ATTACH]Here is a flier see everyone there!
  3. bum123

    MECA 2x spl,sq, and show and shine 8/11

    Sounds good to me it is all about the fun if you cannot have fun not really worth doing it. Looking forward to seeing some 8's play 28 hz should be nice!
  4. bum123

    MECA 2x spl,sq, and show and shine 8/11

    Look forward to seeing you there.
  5. Here is the flier. [ATTACH=CONFIG]26535084[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26535084[/ATTACH]
  6. bum123

    Anyone use Buss-style fuses/AGC for meca?

    Depends on the class you want to run. Like they said agu's are popular but if you run a class where you can use 80 amps or more then I would choose anl's there are some anl fusses you can pass quite a bit of current through. For instance I have found some anl 80 amp fuses that will pass over 250 amps of current consistantly.
  7. bum123

    DD sub get it fix or need recone?

    That will probably work however you should be able to get ruberized CA. glue at your local hobby shop. That should fix the problem just fine.
  8. bum123

    15" Mojo's or what?

    I used them all season last season in comp. and I did loudest score posted with two 12's 150.2 at the head. And two 15's did a 152 head and a 157 floor could have been louder but I got a great deal on them and could not pass it up. There is better for cheaper but they can get the job done. I am not a fan of the new MOJO's at all only ones I would have would be the older orange and black models.
  9. bum123

    15" Mojo's or what?

    Well two of them went up in smoke and the outputs went bad on the other within a week.
  10. bum123

    15" Mojo's or what?

    I would agree on picking other subs though and those PA amps are junk I had four of them at one point last season and 3 out of the four went up in smoke while nothing was even hooked up to them.
  11. bum123

    15" Mojo's or what?

    Yes they will handle 2k rms daily in the right box. I know a guy ran a 4k to each for drive bye in MECA they would stink but he still has them runing.
  12. I kida felt the same way. But thats pretty sick!
  13. bum123

    Holy shit I want these!

    Those are some beasts. Alot like the Shocker Sig pretty sure they had the same motors.
  14. bum123

    Innovative Car Audio

    These are some great guys that do quality work. They will hook you up too!! that is a combo that cant be beat.
  15. bum123

    Competition Help

    I kind of figured but I may run s2 at finals James has no comp.