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  1. Alright, so I have a project I have to do that involves making a powerpoint on something that has to do with math. So I've decided to show all the math that goes into box building in general and a ported enclosure to be more specific. SO, I was wondering if anyone of you guys could just help me by suggesting what to include as far as the math that goes into all the steps in a build because I know there's lots. Anything helps. Thanks
  2. tex512

    whats better then....

    mTx jackhammer. DUh loud as a jet engine!
  3. no one has an amp to fit the bill?
  4. tex512

    wtb a good hu

    no reply to pm
  5. tex512

    wtb a good hu

    do you have a cheaper headunit? if so I'd be willing to trade my clarion and my amp for that hu and your ma amp
  6. tex512

    wtb a good hu

    I was hoping you had an amp and a deck. What amp is it?
  7. tex512

    wtb a good hu

    http://www.caraudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=270185 Interested? it's a nice deck
  8. bump. any amp around 500 watts at 4 ohms.
  9. I have a phoenix gold r.2:5:2. Puts out 250watts @4ohms bridged. Great little amp that makes my AQ loud but i need something bigger. Looking to trade this amp plus my clarion dxz855 touch screen deck for either a bigger amp but preferably a bigger amp with a basic deck. Let me know if you have an offer. I don't have any pictures on my comp of either but I can take some if requested.
  10. tex512

    Window tinting

    Thats 35% on my front
  11. tex512

    Replace 2 15"CVRs with 1 15" CVX

    Honestly if I was looking for sq i wouldn't be looking to get a cvx